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6 Things to Consider When Renting an Exotic Car

Occasionally we have an event where we want everything to be perfect, including the vehicle we will have at our disposal. Maybe it’s a date, maybe an anniversary, a wedding, a birthday. Or some road trip where we want the greatest possible comfort. Or you just want to finally have the opportunity to drive some exotic car, which costs more than one hundred and fifty thousand dollars and which you know will never be able to afford to buy. With the possibility of renting exotic and luxury cars, it has never been easier.

Whether you want to drive some of the fastest in the world with your friends or you want to travel in some big, comfortable SUV like the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, you will always find the right model. The offer of car rental companies is huge, and more and more of them specialize in luxury cars. There are even options with a driver if you do not want the responsibility of driving such an expensive vehicle.

Today we will help you make the right choice by presenting you things to consider when renting an exotic car.

1. The purpose of the luxury car you intend to rent

The first and most important thing when deciding which one to rent is the purpose for which you need it. You can’t rent just about every car for every occasion. For example, if it is a wedding, it is unlikely that the bride will appreciate that she has to get into an extremely low sports car in a wedding dress. And these are usually two-seater, so no one will be able to be in the car, except the bride and groom. Then, whether it is for a business meeting or a road trip with family or friends. For a business meeting, the best options are luxury sedans or SUVs. And if you are planning a longer road trip and family vacation, there are even very luxurious camping vehicles, which are often more luxurious than your home.

If you want pure adrenaline, the smell of gasoline and tremendous acceleration and speed, then the choice is clear. Ferrari, Lamborghini and similar models that every man dreams of owning and driving. Although, nowadays, the offer is bigger than ever. Due to the increasing number of crossover models, you can, for example, drive a Lamborghini SUV, which was once unthinkable. Visit to see how Lamborghini Urus looks like.

2. The price

It is clear to you that exotic and luxury cars are more expensive than ordinary ones. As expensive as they are to buy, so are they to rent. And usually, when you decide to rent such a model, you are ready to pay the required amount of money. However, you need to set your budget in advance and not spend more than that, because it is definitely an expensive investment. Super cars like Ferrari and Bugatti are often even more expensive than limousines. Also, the prices vary greatly from company to company as well as from location and how much you have booked the vehicle in advance. So if you have a limited budget, decide in advance and you might get an early booking discount. That way, you won’t have to spend more money than planned or give up on a particular model you want to drive, just because you don’t have enough money.

3. Don’t forget to check fuel consumption

This also applies to your budget, as well as the previous paragraph. Almost all luxury and exotic cars have extremely powerful engines that consume a lot of fuel. We advise you to research in advance on the internet how much fuel the model you want consumes. If it’s a short drive around town, then this probably won’t play a role in your choice. But if you are planning a longer trip, and the car consumes twenty to thirty liters per hundred kilometers, then it will certainly greatly increase your costs. Many super cars even spend more than that if you drive them fast. However, most of them have eco mode, to reduce consumption a bit. While you may just be researching and comparing rental prices, fuel consumption is an equally important factor to keep in mind.

4. The features of the car

Every luxury car has fantastic features. However, if you have any special requirements, ask in advance if he has it. You may need 360-degree parking cameras or some special driving assistance systems, such as driving stability systems, automated braking systems, etc. Or you want a special interior. You should have no problem finding any feature you want, as these are high-end models.

5. Insurance

Whenever a car is rented, the best choice is to take out insurance. And that is especially true when it comes to such expensive models, where each, even the smallest repair, costs thousands of dollars. Traffic accidents are a frequent occurrence and you must not take any risks. However, do not take an overpriced insurance policy, either. Take a look at what car insurance policies offer and then compare with your needs. If you are planning a trip, then take the most comprehensive insurance possible, but if it is a short drive around the city, it is unlikely that you will be involved in a high-speed crash, so you do not have to take the most expensive insurance. Also, check what your car insurance policy includes if you have one. Many policies include rental cars, so you may not need any additional ones. That way, you will save money.

6. License

Pay attention to two things here. It goes without saying that you have a driver’s license, so we won’t even emphasize that. But certain cars require additional training to drive. When you buy a Ferrari, for example, they ask you to go through their special training to be able to drive such a fast car. So think carefully about whether your driving skills are at a high enough level for such a demanding car. Also, if you opt for a luxury camper, check what driver’s license, it is necessary to have for it.

Another thing is to make sure the company is licensed. This is very important for legality as well as for insurance.


Now that you’ve considered all of these things, all you have to do is choose the model you need and to want and enjoy the ride.

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