6 Tips for Picking Up a Rental Car at the Airport

When you rent a car at the airport you don’t pay special attention to it. That is an everyday thing, and because of that, you take it for granted. The passenger just has to book his car on time and provide himself with transportation. However, it is precise because of such thinking that frequent mistakes occur.

Although a seemingly simple procedure which requires very little or no effort, this is not the case. You need to ask a few questions first that will get you to the right place and above all, safely. So, it refers to issues related to insurance, service, transparency, etc.

To make sure you do this job in the best way, keep reading the text. Here are some ways to help you get through without a mistake or an unpleasant surprise once you touch down.

1. Choose a car according to your needs

Choosing a particular car can be crucial when it comes to driving comfort. So pay close attention to this part, especially if you are traveling with family and younger members. Then you usually have a lot of suitcases, but children can also be very demanding when it comes to travel conditions.

However, when we tell you this, we also mean saving money. If you are not with your family, you will most likely not need to book a large limousine or an equally expensive car. Then you can book a much smaller, but also a cheaper model. Apart from this, there are other factors.
For example, if you are mindful of the environmental impact then you may want to work with a company that owns hybrid vehicles. You can also choose between a car with a gearbox or without, and in addition you have a choice when it comes to various accessories in the car. When you think a little better, it is really necessary to take everything into account when choosing a car.

2. Pay attention to details

When you decide on a car, it is important that you approach the reservation very responsibly and with concentration. This means that during the process, pay attention to the details of the conditions and everything else before you finally confirm it.

If you do not do it online but over the phone, then it is important that you are equally well informed by the people you communicate with. Check with them for any possible restrictions as well as conditions. Also ask about penalties, as well as all other company rules. Don’t forget about deadlines, car pick-up, fees, etc. You must also have a confirmation number.

This is very important. All you need to do is, when renting a car at the airport, give the person in the customer service the flight number and the time at which the arrival is scheduled. That way, you’ll be safe in the event of a flight delay. According to the CARNGO, you have to have an international driver’s license, so don’t forget that either.

3. Price

Another thing is important to mention, and that is the rental prices. As a person requesting this service, you should take good care of taxes, surcharges, additional fees, and everything else that will lead you to unnecessary payment. We are sure that you do not want to incur any unforeseen expenses, and you will avoid that if you are properly informed about all the additional hidden costs.

4. Payment

As we mentioned earlier, when you pick up your car you must have certain documents with you. However, not all companies work on the same principle. While some companies support debit card payments, others do not.

Either way, our advice is to choose a company that allows the use of credit cards. The reason is practicality. Simply those companies with which it is possible to cooperate with credit card payments will cover some insurance. So this choice would be a very smart move.

5. Do not take extras before you think about it

When it comes to insurance, there are a few more things to emphasize. Companies generally offer insurance to their potential customers as an additional option. It is up to you whether you choose it with the rest of the service or not. If your insurance is enough, of course, you will not do it. However, if you have chosen a company where this is not possible then the choice is very clear.

When you make a decision, know that by paying for insurance you can avoid a deposit and then it is great option. It is also best to check all the details of the service and what exactly is on offer. It can also include upgrades. Before you agree, find out about the price and ask yourself if you really need it. The same goes for GPS navigation and similar accessories they will offer you. Don’t spend money unnecessarily if you already have it all on your smartphone.

6. Check the condition of the car immediately

When picking up a car from the airport, you need to pay attention to a very important thing. It’s about car damage. We advise you to perform a detailed search of the car, both outside and inside. Pay attention to the details, and photograph all the irregularities you notice and keep all the evidence documented.
In addition, you can make videos and show them all to the company. This way there will be no danger of unfair accusations against you. Very often, such cases occur, where someone gets a damaged car and in the end bears the consequences. Always be prepared for something like this and do not accept a car that has major and serious damage.


Renting a car in itself gives you some freedom and time savings when working with responsible people. However, in order to fully enjoy all the benefits you get with this service, listen to our tips. They will surely help you enjoy every moment to the maximum and avoid unnecessary complications.

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