Reasons to Rent a Car Before Buying

Are you looking to buy a vehicle? Whether it’s your first car or you’ve had a couple before, it is smart to rent one before you commit to a purchase.

Renting the same brand and model that you’re interested in is wise. First, it’s expensive to buy a car. In most cases, you’ll have to take a loan to pay for it. Second, you never know what the car is like until you’re driving it. Finally, you might end up hating what you chose. Maybe you realize the handling is not suited to your driving style, the torque isn’t as powerful as you expected, or there are weird quirks that you didn’t notice in the test drive.

These are just a few reasons why you should rent a car before buying it. Let’s talk about the perks of renting a vehicle before you buy it.

  1. See the Vehicle in Person

Many people purchase cars online these days; that’s the power of the internet. The downfall of the internet is that you only see pictures until you’ve made the purchase. The vehicle might be busted, look completely different, or be another model than what you wanted.

In most cases, you won’t be able to see the exact vehicle that you’ll end up buying until the dealer delivers it to your house. The pictures online might be stock photos. While most online dealers will let you have a week to test the car, that’s also just added time and more delays if you end up not enjoying the vehicle.

These are all the reasons why renting makes sense. Be sure to rent the same model you’re thinking of buying to help your decision.

  1. Drive the Vehicle

Buying a car is a big commitment – for the amount you pay for a new car, you’ll want to have that same vehicle for a minimum of 10 years. What if you decide that you hate how that commitment drives after two weeks? You’re stuck.

If you rent, you get to drive the car you’ve been thinking about without having to make a decision just yet. It takes the stress out of the situation. You can test out vehicles from various agencies, including the nearby airport. Hire a car rental at, while you’re visiting in-laws in London, or check out a location from La Guardia in New York.

  1. Compare Cars

Renting vehicles to compare them is a smart decision. If you’re on the fence between two, three, or more cars, take them all for a test drive first. Go cruising. See which one suits your lifestyle standards.

Make a checklist before you rent a car. Decide what matters to you most. You can already cross off some vehicles that don’t meet the bare minimum. After whittling it down, take the final 2 or 3 on a test drive. Only decide once you’ve been behind the wheel. That is a great way to make sure you don’t regret buying one car over another.

  1. Budgeting for Your Future

Renting is a great way to put a car into your budget. You can test the vehicle for a few days and see how it fits into your life. What is the daily mileage going to be? How much did you pay for gas? Does a full tank last a couple of days or a week?

A checklist of questions is necessary before renting the car. After driving it for a while, you can estimate how much you’ll spend once you’ve bought the vehicle and use it regularly. That way, you can decide whether it would be best to purchase the car right away or save a bit more money first. Alternatively, you might find it’s a bit more expensive to run than you first thought and choose to go with another option.

Rent to Buy

You might love the car you rented so much that you decide to buy it right away. If that’s not the case, at least you will have a clue how the vehicle runs. Renting lets you know what you’re getting into before you commit to a car.

The next time you’re in search for some new wheels, find out where you can rent it – it’s a wise move, and you won’t regret it.