Protective motorcycle apparel – What you need in your collection

If you are just entering the motorcycling world and have a lot of question, you have come to the right place! You have for sure noticed one thing and that is that all motorcyclists wear special clothes when riding their bikes. In this text, we are going to introduce you to basic motorcycle apparel and explain to you why each piece of clothing is important.

The main reason why there’s apparel particularly designed for motorcyclists is protection. Due to high speed, your body is susceptible to a number of different injuries. In addition, weather condition and overall comfort also dictate the gear and apparel of a motorcyclist. In the following text, we are going to focus on some main pieces of clothing, but we are not going to cover them all, so you should do further research online. You can find all additional information you need on websites of different companies such as Pandomoto. So let us begin.

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The first thing you need to get is a jacket. No, you should not ride your bike in an everyday leather jacket. Since the jacket protects the main parts of your body such as torso and arms you have to buy a jacket that is expressly designed for motorcyclists. There are two types of these jackets- leather and textile ones. These jackets will protect your skin from abrasion in a case of fall and they are also water resistant which means that they will keep you dry in harsh and wet weather. The main feature of motorcyclist jackets is that they have in a way a body armor that protects your body from bruising. Also, they are created to be stronger and last longer than your regular leather jacket and they will keep you warm during strong wind blast.

Let’s move on to pants. Again, regular jeans will not protect you if you have an accident. Just like jackets, motorcyclist pants are an important part of one’s apparel and they should have CE-rated armor in the areas around knees, shins, and hips. They should be figure-hugging but at the same time, they have to be comfortable and allow you to walk and move freely. When buying these jeans you should always test them – try standing in a riding position to see whether or not they fit you correctly.

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Next on are the boots. Motorcycling boots are very heavy, but again, the reason for that is your protection. They should have good ankle support and that means that they should lace tightly to above your ankle. Furthermore, they should have no-slippery soles and should also be water and oil-resistant. A metal plate that goes through the sole, strong heal and the strong toe box is there to fixate your foot and provide you with maximum protection.

The most important part of motorcyclist apparel is the armor. As mentioned above, jacket, pants, and shoes should be in a way body armor that protects your body, but there are additional pieces of armor that you may get when purchasing a riding gear or you should get them separately. Once again, they should fit tightly i.e. they shouldn’t move on your body, but you should feel comfortable while wearing them. In order to be sure that they will fit you and your clothes, you should order them from the same manufacturer that produced your apparel.

To conclude, for a lot of people, bike riding seems like a dangerous and in some case life-threating activity, and usually, it is. That’s why it is necessary to invest money in high-quality gear and clothes that will protect you in case of an accident and also harsh weather.