Does Using Premium Gas Save You Money On Car Repairs In The Future?

This is a question that always appears in the mind of a car owner and the debate is quite huge since some people say premium gas will save money while others say that this is just a misconception. In reality, when you use premium gas, you have some clear cons and pros that have to be taken into account. If you do not do this, you cannot make a good choice. The truth of the matter is that we cannot just talk about money savings when deciding whether or not to opt for premium gas.

Advantages Of Using Premium Gas


When you compare standard gas and premium gas, the big difference is what octane level is present. In premium gas, the octane level is higher. This means that it is a lot smoother for the engine. When engine combustion just happens at the appropriate times, the use of premium gas practically means that the engine will be able to run at appropriate levels for a longer period of time. The possibility of dealing with engine combustion-related problems is lowered. Because of this, it is safe to say that the use of premium gas does save money on future car repairs.

We should highlight the fact that if the vehicle clearly states that premium gas is necessary, you do not have a choice. If you use standard gas, you can actually damage your engine. Never dismiss this important piece of information or you would end up having to spend a lot more on car engine repairs simply because you did not listen to the indications inside the owner’s manual. Also, extended car warranties like offered by might become void.

Disadvantages Of Using Premium Gas


Because of the benefits mentioned above in regards to using premium gas, the obvious first disadvantage that comes to mind is the price tag. This type is more expensive than the regular gas that the average citizen uses. For many, standard gas is very expensive right now so the premium can quickly become a financial problem.

It also has to be added that premium gas is not always a mandatory purchase. The owner’s manual is the one that states the very best gas the vehicle should use. However, even if the vehicle does not need premium gas, it can still get benefits from the use of premium gasoline. On the whole, we can say that premium is usually less valuable than the standard gas option we are all used to. However, wear and tear are higher with standard gas.

Advantages Of Using Regular Gas


The first thing that comes to mind as an advantage of using premium gas is the price tag. In many parts of the world, premium gas is actually 2 times more expensive than regular gas. At the end of the day, this practically means that you end up with less mileage for the money that you pay. If you are interested in quantity over quality, this is important.

Regular gas can be utilized in vehicles that recommend the use of premium gas. However, you have to be really careful about this. There are many cases in which cars are just marketed as needed premium gasoline when the truth is that regular gas is just as good. Make sure to use the internet to find out if this is the case or not.

Disadvantages Of Using Regular Gas


The biggest disadvantage is that engine combustion can often happen at the wrong time when you use standard gas. It is the octane level that determines combustion ability and overall fuel smoothness. With lower octane levels, engine combustion does not happen when it should. This can quickly become a very serious problem if you are not attentive.

If engine combustion happens at a wrong time and this has been going on for a long time, the engine ends up with pings and knocks. When these problems first appear, it does not seem like much. However, as time passes, the small problems end up being really serious.

If your main priority is to extend engine life and you want to save money, premium gas is basically ideal. However, if you just want to save some money, the best thing you can do is opt for the use of standard gas. Just do not do it with engines that recommend the use of premium gas since it is better to just respect such an indication.

Premium Gas Or Standard Gas?

As you can easily figure out, the choice is most likely a very subjective one. Usually, people go for premium gas in the event that they afford the higher price tag. When you cannot afford to pay for premium gas, you just go for standard gas. This is normal but it can be very problematic when you have to use premium gas according to the owner’s manual. Such a situation practically means that you should not own that vehicle in the first place since you cannot afford maintenance and running costs.

We have to add that the car manufacturer did already perform various tests on the engine. It knows what type of gas you should use. That is why such information is listed in the manual. Even so, opting for premium instead of standard is not at all a problem if you can afford it. In fact, it is going to help you save a lot of money in the long run since you will have to deal with fewer engine repairs.

To sum up, no matter what fuel type you choose, there are advantages and disadvantages of making the choice. Also, your engine will eventually have problems and repairs will be needed. However, if you can do anything to postpone the appearance of such engine problems, it is something to take into account. It is generally a lot cheaper to just use premium gas instead of standard gas than to have to deal with really serious engine repairs.

Conclusion: Whenever possible, opt for premium gas.