A-List of 6 Points We Can Say Kia Is a Good Brand

Kia South Korea’s second-largest car manufacturer is at its peak in popularity in India. Kia Motors in India launched its first car Seltos in 2019. The report published after revealing India in Financial Express tells its sales figure in the first month of 2022. The car company came up with recorded domestic sales of 19,319 units in January 2022.

Among the carmakers’ brand segments, Kia cars are positioned first, followed by Hyundai at third and Toyota at fourth. The question is why to claim that Kia Motors India is a good brand when there are many domestic car manufacturers like Tata Motors. Want to know the reasons? Read the blog carefully. If this reading sounds impressive and you want to buy it check for the latest updates and availability of Kia Cars on Droom.

The Significant Reasons To Say Kia Is A Good Car Brand:

Surprisingly, Kia Motors in India has launched its range of cars in the last 2-3 years. In fact, the scope for more features in upcoming cars in India models in 2022 will be expected to excite car buyers in India.

Some important reasons why you should think of any of the Kia models are mentioned below. Scroll down to discover.

1. Advance Features:

The good features in-car always prior make it popular among auto-buyers. Latest Cars Specifications are just excellent and endless. 4-wheelers by Kia are loaded with many advanced features in each segment like its sister car brands Hyundai have.

The reliable features in Kia, including Sonet, Seltos, and Carnival, are outstanding. The key features include power steering, an anti-lock braking system, automatic climate control, Isofix Child Seat Mount, Infotainment Screen, etc. are in-built.

More features like rear sun-blinds, air purifiers, electrically adjustable driver’s seats also add convenience to driver and co-passengers.

2. Trustability Over Popularity Is Phenomenal:

Within just two years of its first launch in 2019, Kia motors in India are getting popular each day. The loaded features, high engine performance, sustainable mileage, sturdy design, and elegant interior and exterior make cars models trustable and popular simultaneously.

The overall journey of 2 years by Kia Motors in India, the company successfully sold 200,000 cars in the country. Relatively in just the first month of 2022 (January 2022), This car make recorded sales of 19,319 units.

3. Kia Variants:

That’s what makes Kia for everyone, as it launched with a list of variants in the Indian automotive market. Car buyers with a budget between 8 lakh to 20 lakh can choose a suitable model, ensuring good features, elegant design, and good performance.

Kia Motors offers multiple engine efficiency within different transmission options like iMT, CBT, DCT, AT, and MT. These all specifications make 4-wheelers comfortable, convenient, and budget-friendly.

4. Power Pack Performance Cars:

Because of features and phenomenal performance, all Kia cars models let people have many convenient driving experiences. Within its range of variants and multiple fuel engines, also help it a considerable segment among Indian car buyers in 2 years.

The range of Sonet GT and Seltos GT are high-performing options with the turbo petrol engine. That’s sport look, advanced controllers, and other specifications in Sonet, Carnival, and Seltos promise to give a thrilling performance.

5. New Design, New Looks:


Kia cars in India reached its peak popularity in 2 years with a significant reason for the look. That wild and sporty design makes them new-age cars with fantastic exterior and interior structure.

The sleek and subtle lines on Kia cars give them an appealing glance. The overall aesthetic appearance makes them absolutely stunning cars today. With colour choices and finished looks make them outstanding too.

6. Base Trim Price:

Kia cars price varies within its variants and features the company gives in each model. However, both SUVs and MUVs Models in India offer differences such as Seltos (9.95 – 18.19 Lakh), Sonet (6.95 – 13.69 Lakh), Carens (8.99 – 16.99 Lakh), and Carnival (25.49 – 34.49 Lakh).

That significant difference in Kia Cars comes within fuel engine installation, petrol or diesel, else specification base, manual/automation.

The Expected 2022 Kia Car Launches:


Kia Motors is set to launch its upcoming Models in 2022. The range of variants, intelligent features, and elegant design will be ready to flaunt your expectations again.

We believe this 2022 would definitely be a rocking year to experience thrilling driving with all-new featured-rich Kia Cars in India.

Next, we are listing some of the expected cars launches with revealed and unrevealed dates.

  • Carnival 2022 (Expected to be launched on March 15, 2022)
  • Sportage 2022 (Expected to be launched on April 10, 2022)
  • Seltos 2022 (Expected to be launched on May 05, 2022)
  • Xceed 2022 (Date Unrevealed)
  • Sorento 2022 (Date Unrevealed)
  • Stonic 2022 (Date Unrevealed)
  • Rio 2022 (Date Unrevealed)
  • Ceed 2022 (Date Unrevealed)
  • Picanto 2022 (Date Unrevealed)

The Bottom Line:


The Corporation has, of course, done fabulously in selling their units in India in just two years. These are precisely world-class car manufacturers with their subsidiary as Kia Motors India.

The rise in demand for in India has recently gone up, and the company is planning to launch new variants soon in the upcoming month this year. If you are planning to buy a car in 2022, look at all models.

Saying them to be next-generation cars won’t be wrong, making lifestyle spaces more convenient and advanced on the road. Kia Motors are technology-led future 4-wheelers that will connect your driving in a futuristic manner.