Platinum Wheels (Rims) Review- Are they any good?

Ever since its launch, Platinum Wheels has grown tremendously in popularity. Currently, it is a well-known name in the world of luxury wheels, and a go-to for many luxury car and sedan owners.

Platinum Wheels is a division of the Ultra Wheels Company, hence, one can be confident about the quality and expertise behind each of their products.

Platinum wheels make sure that top quality luxury wheels become accessible to all sorts of customers, and this is the main factor that led this brand to the heights of success.


The wheels introduced by Platinum greatly excel in terms of aesthetic properties. They are built in accordance with the requirements of a luxury vehicle, and so have extremely fine detailing. The designs range from basic yet classy to sporty and edgy, so you have a huge variety to choose from.

Platinum wheels come with a great number of different spoke patterns, including simple concave, branching, split spokes and some mesh patterns. The number of spokes lie between 5 to 16, which is an unusually inclusive range for a luxury wheel.

Similarly, the exteriors offered by Platinum wheels also lie on a wide spectrum, ranging from black and chrome to bronze, silver as well as white.

The finish of these wheels is impeccably tidy, as would be required of a wheel of this caliber. To top it off, Platinum wheels offer a massive amount of options for people who want to customize their wheels.


Platinum wheels perform superbly on paved roads and smooth terrains, for which they are manufactured. They have ample strength to survive for long periods of time, even at high speeds.

One of the most terrific qualities of platinum wheels is that they are built to withstand some degree of assault, and perform well in slightly challenging off-road conditions as well. This is very unique and rare for a luxury wheel, and makes this brand stand out.

Platinum wheels are also surprisingly easy to handle and provide a great deal of control to the driver. This is due to their offsets, which are set to suit perfectly to the vehicles of this category.

A great selling point of rims by Platinum is that despite their fancy build, they are highly uncomplicated to mount and install, saving you a lot of hassle.


Platinum wheels are mostly made using top quality cast aluminum, which is a preferred choice for manufacturing of wheels and imparts a great amount of strength. Therefore, these wheels are able to go for a long time on roads.

However, it should be kept in mind that these wheels are not thick or sturdy enough to withstand harsh terrains and damaging objects such as rocks, since they are obviously made for fancy vehicles.

The center cap of most of these wheels is made of plastic, and has the tendency to break after a certain period of time, though.

Nonetheless, the exterior finishes and paints of these wheels are done with great precision, care and attention. Thus, you do not have to worry about scratching or wearing of the polish of your Platinum wheels.

Sizes and Configurations:

This branch of Ultra Wheels Company has been launched specifically for producing luxury wheels. Thus, Platinum wheels mostly serve luxury cars, sedans and some SUVs. The sizes offered by most of their series range between 15 to 20 inches, and widths between 7 to 9 inches.

An interesting feature of the wheels manufactured by Platinum is that they all have positive offset values, which provides the vehicle with unmatched stability and allows for easy cornering.

Price and Value:

The price range of Platinum wheels is highly budget friendly, and played a major role in landing the brand among the top rated ones. Perhaps, it is the only brand that offers top quality luxury wheels at prices that are far lower than the big market players.

Its best-selling products retail at prices between $197 to $287, which is shockingly low as compared to the cost range of other brands such as Asanti, which averages between $260 to $440.

Best Products by Platinum Wheels:

1. Platinum GEMINI Chrome Plated

If you have a taste for chrome wheels, Gemini by Platinum will surely win you over. It has a shiny and lush chrome finish that is fairly resistant. The shine seems to be further enhanced by the neatness and fine detailing of the finish.

Its striking looks can make your vehicle turn heads. The wheel’s is also made to be strong and durable.

The only noticeable downside to this wheel is a common issue that affects all chrome wheels; keeping it clean.

2. Platinum ATONEMENT Machined w/Gloss Black Accent

The Atonement is a fancy wheel with a machined exterior is a particularly great option for luxury cars. It is different from most wheels by Platinum, and is slightly aggressive and robust in its appearance.

It is also sufficiently tough, and has the ability to resist corrosion, all thanks to its top quality materials. Interestingly, this wheel is also very easy to install and handle, making it a must buy.

3. Platinum SABER Machined w/Black Accent

The Saber is an aggressive, machined wheel by Platinum is an absolute treat in terms of aesthetic. It has an innovative yet simple 5 split spoke pattern that is bound to make your car stand out.

It is constructed in one piece using top quality cast aluminum, which provides it with strength and minimizes any chances of rusting.

This wheel is more specialized in aesthetics than in performance. It is a bit on the heavier side. Another negative is that the center caps are not very durable.

4. Platinum MARATHON Black Painted

If you are inclined towards elegant and basic wheels, the Marathon in matte black finish is the one for you. It has a graceful single-toned finish which accentuates the 14 sleek spokes.

This results in an overall graceful outlook that can easily upgrade the fancy look of your vehicle. This wheel is made of tough aluminum, and is uncomplicated to install and use and is perfectly compatible with the TPMS.

An interesting feature of this wheel is that it has screw-down covered lug nuts. This is perfectly complemented with the branded center cap which comes included if you buy from Tire Rack. The downside is that it is made up of plastic and prone to fading.

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