12 Pet Travel Gadgets You Must Absolutely Have

There is nothing better than setting out on the open road with your pet. After all, they are 100% a part of your family and are just as anxious to get out and enjoy the fresh air! It’s often much easier to bring your pets along on a trip, especially a long one, than to try and board them for weeks at a time. When you’re ready to head out and enjoy life on the road, check out these must-have pet travel gadgets that will make life a lot easier for you and your pet while you’re away.

GPS Tracker


The safety of your pet should always be your first concern when you’re traveling. Even the most well-behaved pet can get spooked and take off when they are in unfamiliar areas. A GPS tracker will make sure you always have tabs on your pet no matter where you are. GPS trackers use wireless technology to track your dog or cat no matter where they go. Simply set up the app on your smartphone to always know where they are when you’re out and about! It’s also a good way to track how much exercise they are getting while you’re traveling and at home.

Pet Calming Treats


Your pet may become anxious when they are in a vehicle or traveling on a train or plane. There a lot of options available for dog treats but make sure to visit The Pampered Pup for quality and nutritious dog treats you can get today. Dog treats will help keep your pet busy and calm. There are also pet calming treats available that can help their anxiety levels stay low. Consider calming treats that include CBD to make their journey easier. If you’re not sure what to purchase, ask your vet for his or her recommendation. Your trip will go smoother if your pet is not stressed and anxious the whole time.

Portable Water Bottle


When you’re traveling, it isn’t always easy to lug around an awkward bowl to use for water. Instead, your pet will stay hydrated when you use a portable water bottle during your trip. This type of bottle comes with a handle that can be attached to your wrist, purse, or backpack. You’ll be able to stop anywhere to give your pet a drink with a dispenser that is small enough to easily carry for miles.

Cargo Zip Line


If you’re on a road trip with your active dog, consider using a zip line in the backseat to keep them safe and secure as the car is in motion. A cargo zip line will attach to two points in the backseat, allowing your dog to walk back and forth while you are driving. While it offers more freedom than a typical harness, the cargo zip line still keeps your dog safely restrained while the vehicle is in motion. Your dog will have the chance to look out either window without falling over and possibly getting hurt in the process.

Portable Bath


Your pet, especially a dog, is going to get dirty during a longer trip. A portable bath machine will work on your pet like a small version of a vacuum cleaner. You only need a little bit of water and shampoo to clean your pet virtually anywhere you want. You can use it anywhere there is power, such as an RV park, campground, or a hotel. It’s perfect for long trips, especially if you are camping and hiking. Keep your pet clean at all times!

Pet Stroller


Older pets, pets with arthritis or joint problems, and small dogs may not be able to walk as much as other animals. If you plan to do a lot of walking and sight-seeing while you travel and would like your pet to come along, a pet stroller is the perfect solution. A pet stroller will zip around your pet so that they can see out but not escape as you’re walking. The mesh covering allows them tons of fresh air while the canopy protects them from the sun and rain. Many models now come with cup holders and storage space, just like typical strollers for children. Fold it up for easy storage when you are done!

Folding Pet Ramp


Your pet will be getting in and out of your vehicle frequently if you are traveling on the road, so make it easier for them with a folding pet ramp. A ramp is the perfect solution for dogs that cannot jump in and out of a car anymore due to old age or medical problems. They can simply walk in and out using a portable folding ramp that can be easily stored when not in use. It also eliminates the need to pick them up yourself, possibly hurting your back or knees in the process.

Portable Playpen


If you’re traveling with a kitten or puppy, you’ll want to keep your living quarters safe from their destructive ways by bringing along a portable playpen. Your pet will have a safe place to play and sleep, and you won’t have to keep your eye on them every single minute. Make sure to bring some treats, bones, and stuffed toys to keep your pet busy while they are in their playpen. You’d bring a portable playpen for a toddler, so why not for your pet? Most pet playpens fold up for easy storage and include removable covers that you can wash when needed.

Waterproof Car Seat Covers


Dogs can have accidents when they are in a vehicle, especially if they are young puppies or if they suffer from anxiety. They’ll also drool and shed all over your vehicle, so it is best to plan for these issues by putting in a waterproof car seat cover before your trip. Find one that completely covers your backseat from door to door. Your dog can make a mess while your seats remain clean!

Dog Anxiety Jacket


Another way to keep your dog calm during a trip is an anxiety jacket. The design of this type of jacket works by applying a gentle, consistent pressure to your dog’s midriff, back, and stomach. The pressure helps calm them in stressful situations, and you can also use it if they are scared of thunder and fireworks. They come in a multitude of sizes and styles for every dog breed, and they can be washed in your washing machine at home.

Metal-Free Leash Harness


If you are traveling on a plane and need to get through security, don’t get held up because of a metal leash on your pet. A metal-free leash harness will make it easy to walk right through all of the security checks without the alarms going off. A harness has the added bonus of making it easier to control your dog in a busy atmosphere, a plus when you are already stressed out from traveling.

Pet Booster Seat


Your pet wants to be comfortable during your road trip, so consider a pet booster seat that allows them to ride in style. Pet booster seats come in many sizes and styles, and your pet will be safe and secure inside one. You’ll attach the booster seat to the back or front seat for extra protection as you drive. Your dog or cat can then sit and sleep comfortably in the seat during your trip, and you won’t have to worry about them messing up your seats.

Traveling with your pet can often be stressful, so we hope these fun and useful gadgets can help make the trip that much easier on you both! Set yourself up before you head out, and enjoy your trip!

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