8 Best Ways to Personalize Your Car

If you’re tempted to personalize your car, you’re in good company; drivers aged 16-24 spend more than $7 billion annually on making their car a reflection of their personalities and values, according to the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA). Car modifications can be all-encompassing, including stickers and decals, custom license plate frames, and interior seat covers. These are some of the quickest ways to add a little flair and distinction to your vehicle.

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Window Decals


Window decals are not only easy to find, but they’re also incredibly easy to apply. In most cases, there’s no special preparation needed; just clean the window, remove the paper backing, and place the decal on the glass. Stick figure families and pets, expressions of faith, and political sentiments on your car’s side window or back windshield announce your love and loyalties with simplicity.

Bumper Stickers


Gone are the days where bumper stickers were limited to rectangular shapes; today’s bumper stickers are available in all shapes and sizes, and their messages reflect a broad array of perspectives. Embrace religious, political, local business, humor, music, and other interests by adorning your car with bumper stickers.

Custom License Plate Frames


When you really want to convey a direct message to other drivers, a custom license plate frame is the way to go. It’s a fun and unique way to add originality to your car. Whether you choose something classic like a brightly colored frame or one with a pattern or you choose a custom license plate frame with your own text, company logo, or design, installing it takes just minutes. Learn more about custom license plate on MBMarketing.

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Air Fresheners


If you’re a driver who spends a lot of time in your car, you’ll know how easy it is for the vehicle to become stale-smelling. Anything from fast food bags to wet umbrellas and sports equipment can leave your car with an odor. Fortunately, there are different types of air fresheners, from the traditional hanging pine tree cutouts to vent clip styles, and just as many fragrances to choose from. Choose a couple that you like and rotate through them so you don’t become so familiar with a particular scent that you don’t notice it anymore.

Windshield Sun Shade


No matter where you live, there are going to be days when the sun makes the inside of your car unbearably hot. Windshield sun shades are a convenient way to stop your car from feeling like an oven even on the hottest summer days. From famous artwork such as the Mona Lisa to screenshots from your favorite films and television shows, there is one to match everyone’s taste. It’s never been easier to keep your car cool, both in temperature and in style. As a bonus, having a unique sun shade allows you to identify your car quicker in a crowded parking lot, instead of wandering up and down the rows, wondering where you parked.

Seat Covers


The standard upholstery that your car comes with may not feel soft or comfortable, whether it’s fabric, vinyl or even leather, especially if your car came to you second-hand. And if the colors aren’t to your liking or if the upholstery looks dated, faded or soiled, you may feel like your car doesn’t reflect the youthful and energetic person you are. Fortunately, seat covers can fix these problems. From solids and prints to patterns and even humorous options, they’re a great way to improve the comfort level for yourself and your passengers. If you have small kids, seat covers can be a life-saver. Get a set that’s waterproof to prevent spills and crumbs from being ground into the seats. Just wipe down the seat covers and after the kids are older, remove them to uncover like-new upholstery.

Steering Wheel Covers


Like upholstery, steering wheels can show age, especially if your car is pre-owned. They can also be hot enough to burn your hands in summer or feel freezing cold in winter. Steering wheel covers resolve all of those problems. Go with bright colors or patterns or even fuzzy fabrics for fun. You can also find steering wheel covers that coordinate with car seat covers, if you like things that match. Steering wheel covers can also provide peace of mind because you’ll be able to maintain a better grip on the steering wheel; your hands can slip off an uncovered and smooth wheel.

Tire Rims


One of the quickest ways to give your car an immediate style upgrade for all to see is to install new tire rims. Go simple or elaborate in traditional chrome or bright colors. If you’re skilled at basic automotive work, you can install them yourself; even if you have to pay someone else to install new rims, it’s a pretty affordable update that’s quick to complete, too, so you should be back on the road quickly.

Tinted Windows


If you’d like to give your car a sleek and sophisticated look, tinting the windows is glamorous and attention-grabbing. Tinting your car’s windows has the added benefit of keeping your vehicle cooler in hot weather by blocking some of the sun’s UV rays, which can also minimize fading of the car’s upholstery. Some drivers like tinted windows because of the additional privacy; the degree of shading can make it hard for anyone to see into your car while it’s parked and identify any valuables that might be worth stealing. It can also keep others from noticing if, say, you’re a single woman driving alone, which might make you feel more comfortable behind the wheel.

These are only a handful of the many ways you can personalize your car. Some of the extras you add to your vehicle can improve your safety and your peace of mind while driving. And even though it’s important to feel safe in your car, you should also feel good about driving it because it expresses your unique personality. Customizing your car with touches like custom license plate frames, tire rims, window decals, and more helps your car not only stand out but stand up for the people and causes that are important to you.