2020 Nissan Z – Come on Nissan!

2020 Nissan Z This article is rumor

Z is very important letter in Nissan’s history and lineup. It is reserved for sport models and some brand’s most iconic ones. We know that new Z will not revive the glorious history of 240Z model anytime soon, but it doesn’t have to be this way also. 350Z version had its drawbacks, mostly in luxury segment, with visibly cheap plastic and hideous build quality. Current 370Z addressed those issues, but without any sales success as figures were even significantly worse than before. Again it doesn’t have to be this way and upcoming Tokyo Motor Show in November is going to house new Z concept, while 2020 Nissan Z model is going to hit the streets in 2019.


If Nissan moved the boundaries of automotive world with latest GTR, so should Z at least get some traces of it. 370Z has not been intended as a smaller version of GTR, but it could use some of its tremendous race-inspired engineering solutions.

2020 Nissan Z

source: caradvice.com.au

It knows how to corner for sure, but GTR is just another world to it. Hopefully, new Z will lean more on features from GTR. And that doesn’t mean that it has to lose GT part of it, just that spicier mixture could deem more exciting to buyers.

WHAT DO WE KNOW about 2020 Nissan Z

Not much for now, as not even a concept has debuted, let alone production version. What is certain is the use of the shortened FR-L platform, currently underpinning gorgeous Infiniti Q60. Under the hood, more happenings are anticipated, while before it was all pretty simple and clear- 350Z had a 3.5-liter unit, and the 307Z had, you guesses it, 3.7-liter engine. Now base engine offer would be 3.0-liter V6 rated at 304 hp, while top one features the same V6 but with the little help of two turbos, boosting 405 horses and 475 Nm of torque.

2020 Nissan Z

source: caradvice.com.au

There are also rumors about hybrid version utilizing the same 3.0-liter coupled with 160 hp electric motor for combined force of over 500 horsepower. All engines will work with 7-speed dual-clutch automatic. If Japanese employ some rational thinking, maybe even 2.0-liter L4 unit is possible at least in Europe, mainly because that would make it closer to German competition and additionally lower entry price. As 370Z takes 5.3 seconds to 60 mph with current 333 hp underhood placement, we should certainly expect some decently faster acceleration times with new model.


Without even seeing a concept car everything is left to pure guessing. The current version looks as it has escaped Manga cartoon and we don’t see that outliving model in question. The new one is likely going to be sharper and more angular, becoming visually closer to GTR. Also, since Nissan paid significantly more attention to grille designs lately, the small and inconspicuous grille is going to step aside for something much more dramatic as with latest Murano or Maxima.

2020 Nissan Z

source: caradvice.com.au

We mentioned that 370Z fixed some quality issues of predecessors cabin, but new Z should take it further. Latest revisions of GTR brought visibly nicer materials, so expect the same treatment here, and also more luxurious trim options should join the lineup. The price of around $30k should remain, but we predict that you’ll get much more for it with the new vehicle.


At the first glance competition is numerous, but due to the specific styling idea, at a second flash not so much, at least in the design territory. BMW 4 Series, Audi A5, Mercedes C-Class Coupe, Infinity Q60 are all premium products and more designed as elegant GT luxury cruisers, while Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, and Dodge Challenger follow muscle car visual brutality. If it retains its specific egg shaped body, only direct visual rival stays Audi TT, evidently superior in every sense, but also more than ten grand pricier. If 2020 Nissan Z model steals some GTR tricks, and it should, and if cabin receives more attention than before, with enriched engine offer it may turn the tide of poor sales hurting its image right now. Come on Japan, make the old Fairlady proud again!