Nigerian Celebrities and their Luxury Cars

When Nigeria is mentioned, luxury isn’t the first thing that springs to mind. Yet, there are plenty of luxury cars roaming the streets of Lagos. For the most part, they are driven by the politicians and wealthy elite who can easily afford them, but there is a fair number of them owned by Nigerian celebrities. These are mostly musicians, proving that despite the economy in shambles, the music industry is quite alive and vibrant. Not to be outdone, actors also represent a fair percentage of Nigerian celebrities on our list. The popular Nollywood has provided them with enough fat paychecks, and a huge part of them went to acquiring luxury models for their private fleets.

9. Waconzy Car Collection

Waconzy may not be among top stars in the country at the moment, but during his successful career, he has acquired quite a number of luxury models.

Cars: 2013 Mercedes Benz E class, 2013 Range Rover Sport, 2013 BMW X6, 2009 Range Rover Sport