Top 10 New Cars Coming In 2020

The auto industry is developing at a fast pace, and new models are launched each and every year. If you are tech savvy and you want to know what the future brings, you should check out this list of 2020 cars.

Some of the models that you will see on this list will be redesigned while others will come as completely new vehicles. What we also need to add is that more and more electric and hybrid options are emerging giving us a clear insight into which direction the industry is going.

As you will see, we are still quite short on many details regarding these future releases, but we will do our best to predict what will some of the carmakers bring. Here is the list.

10. 2020 Alfa Romeo GTV

There is a plan for one of the biggest names in the industry, Alfa Romeo. It was promised by the company that they will offer several new models in the next few years including SUVs and sports cars. Recently we saw Stelvio SUV and before that, Giulia sedan, but the 2020 Alfa Romeo GTV is the one that will perfectly fit that sports car segment. It has been speculated that this coupe will be based on Giulia platform and that it will carry 600 hp hybrid powertrain in its top trim. We still do not have an official date of the release.