The Convenience of Mobile Car Detailing

A car is viewed as a symbol for many people, with the vehicle’s quality that is being driven an example of one’s success. For this reason, people take particular extra care of their cars, washing them inside and out weekly, even daily in some cases. Those who are genuinely symbolic of their vehicle will take the time to have their car detailed regularly.

Unfortunately, in today’s busy world, not everyone has the time to have their car detailed. This is where mobile detailing comes in. Mobile detailing is having your car auto detailed but at any location of you’re choosing. You can give your vehicle the care and attention that it needs to remain in tip top shape while on the go. This convenient service is the choice of many professionals who just don’t have the time to wait around for their car detailing to be completed by an auto detailer. Mobile detailing has become one of the most popular ways to maintain the exterior and interior of a vehicle thanks to the convenience factor of having it done on the vehicle owner’s schedule and at the choice of location.

What is an Auto Detailing?

Auto detailing is not just taking a vehicle and having the inside and outside cleaned. It is when the car or truck is cosmetically restored to look like they were just driven off of the lot for the first time, according to CarDetailing. When a car is detailed, the visible and invisible dirt that can cause contamination is removed, extending the longevity of the vehicle. The cars detailing includes interior and exterior and involves deep cleaning and restoring the vehicle to its original condition.

The act of auto detailing a vehicle is about making the car look its best and ensuring that the vehicle will be protected from the elements. No matter where your car is kept, it is always at the mercy of Mother Nature, whether it be the extreme cold of winter or the harsh summer heat.

The Effects of Weather on Your Cars Exterior

As mentioned before, no matter where your vehicle is kept, it is always at the mercy of the elements. Let’s take a look at some of the effects of extreme weather on the exterior of your vehicle.


Sun damage on the exterior of a car can be devastating, and it will cause fading to even the best paint jobs. Direct sunlight to the surface of a vehicle is one of the biggest culprits for wear. When a car is kept in the sun, the paint can oxidize, causing it to peel and crack. As paint peels off of the car, it stops doing the jobs it is designed to do. Paint is not only on the car for aesthetic purposes, and it is there to protect against moisture damage, dents, and surface scratches. Sun damage isn’t just limited to the outside of your car, and the interior will also be at risk of fading if exposed to direct sunlight.


The problem with the wind is not the air, but what it is carrying in it. The small particles of sand and other debris that the wind pelts your car’s body with all-day are what causes the damage. Sand is relentless, and even the smallest grains will scratch the surface of your vehicle and cause the paint to peel or crack. There is the risk of larger debris hitting the car and denting or scratching its surface in extreme winds. It is not uncommon to find large twigs or even branches being blown into vehicles during heavy winds.


If you live in an area with regular snow, you know what it takes to keep your car safe from this element. Not only can snow do some severe damage to the engine of a car, but it can also do the same to both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Snow brings with it moisture; the problem with water is that it can lead to rusting. Not only can the rust affect the vehicle’s aesthetics, but it can also affect the undercarriage of the car or truck. Living in an area with snow, you know it is not unusual to have the roads layered with salt to prevent the dangers of driving on ice. This salt is extremely harmful to your car’s exterior as it was too corrosive, eating away at the undercarriage and paint job.

Mobile Detailing to Protect Against the Elements

The convenience of mobile detailing can’t be undermined. As mentioned before, a car is at risk from the elements all day every day, and the best line of defense is to maintain both the interior and exterior of the car. Not only does mobile detailing include giving the car excellent deep cleaning and sanitizing, but it also includes adding protective layers to protect the car from the weather. The use of wax as an outer coating on the car’s exterior is one barrier against the elements, helping prevent damage from rain, sun, and wind. Wax adds an extra layer of protection to the car or truck’s body.

The exterior of the car is not the only area that required protection from the elements. When a car is mobile detailed, they will also use items to protect the interior. These include a leather conditioner to protect leather seats from fading, cracking, and peeling caused by the sun and moisture. A sealant can also be used to wipe off fingerprints and dust. A sealant not only cleans the car’s interior but protects it from UV radiation. Other used products include plastic restorers, vinyl and rubber cleaners, plastic polish, and window cleaners. All of the products used are to not only clean the interior but also to protect it.

During an auto detailing, the car’s interior is shown just as much attention as the exterior. This is to help maintain that new look and keep the car feeling luxurious. When a vehicle has been detailed, it gives the driver a pride of ownership while also maintaining the vehicle’s overall health. Thanks to mobile detailing, this is now a convenience that can be done whenever and wherever the vehicle owner wants, ensuring that it is always in tip-top shape.

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