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Mini-Me (Verne Troyer) Cars Collection (2018)

If we say, Verne Troyer, you might not know who this guy is, but if we say Mini-Me, you will definitely know who we are talking about. This was the role that he is best known for, and we all remember the smaller and more concentrated pure evil protege of Dr. Evil.

You might be wondering if it is possible for Troyer to drive a standard car. Well, the answer is yes, with a few modifications he can drive pretty much any vehicle. With his net worth of about $10 million, he can afford a nice ride. So we will take a look at the cars that he owns, there will be few toy cars in here, plus, a few of those in which he got to enjoy at the passenger seat.

9. Audi S5

In one of his vlogs, Verne showed his house but also presented few of the vehicles that he owns. One of those is the Audi S5 that comes with a supercharged engine. He used this vehicle to go on to a race track and show people that he can drive it even there.

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