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Mickey Thompson Wheels (Rims) Review- Are they any good?

If you are an avid off-road enthusiast, you probably would have heard of Mickey Thompson tires and wheels.

For over 50 years, Mickey Thompson has been a big player in the tire and wheels industry, introducing innovative products that have been leading the market. It holds the status of a pioneer in this regard.

Despite a myriad of great off-roading brands out there, Mickey Thompson stands out and will likely continue to do so, at least in the near future.


As mentioned earlier, Mickey Thompson particularly specializes in off-road and extreme terrain conditions. Accordingly, its wheels are built to provide an aggressive yet classy appearance that makes your vehicle stand out.

Mickey Thompson offers three different finishes on its rims – an elegant glossy black, a modern matte black, and a classical polished aluminum finish.

When it comes to scopes and lug nut patterns, a fine balance between traditional and innovative is offered which combines to provide an outlook that is unprecedented and highly appealing.

All Mickey Thompson wheels carry its simple yet graceful “MT” logo on the center cap, which gives a regal look.


Just like their appearance, Mickey Thompson wheels excel in performance as well. Most of its products have a marvelous off-road potential, and are capable of handling a wide range of driving conditions including harsh weathers, rocky terrains and poor rainy or snowy tracks.

Their wheels are built with tough, high quality materials that are able to prevent damage and cracking. There are virtually no reports of a Mickey Thompson wheel cracking under stress.

Moreover, they have a tremendous load capacity, allowing you to perform all sorts of heavy duty tasks without worrying about the rim. The load capacities of most Mickey Thompson lie between an average of 2000 up to 3200 pounds which is immense.


The durability of a wheel is a major concern for many of us, and this concern rises multifold when your target terrain is rough and challenging. However, with Mickey Thompson wheels, you can wave it goodbye.

Their wheels are built with premium quality aluminum or stainless steel, and are capable of handling a great deal of assault. They are covered with a tough polish which is meant to impart added strength.

This allows the wheels to resist bruises and scratching from stones or other sharp objects, which is inevitable when driving off the beaten path. Furthermore, the wheels are engineered to perform superbly under a great amount of load as well.

The aluminum rims are highly resistant to corrosion, while for the stainless steel rims, the outer polish performs the function of protecting against rust. Hence, the overall probability of rusting is minimal.

Cherry on top, Mickey Thompson offers a generous lifetime structural warranty with these wheels, which speaks for the quality.

Sizes and Configurations:

Mickey Thompson currently offers wheels for jeeps and off-road trucks. Like any great brand, a wide range of sizes is available which allows the consumer to pick the perfect fit.

The diameters generally range from 15 to 20 inches, while rim widths vary between 8 to 10 inches on average. The lug patterns of most wheels have 5 to 8 holes with variable diameters.

Price and Value:

The price range of Mickey Thompson wheels is pleasantly surprising. For a wheel with this many terrific qualities, one might expect an overinflated price.

However, Mickey Thompson stands somewhat in the middle tier of the price range, while offering a quality similar to most expensive brands.

Considering the durability and potential of Mickey Thompson wheels, it is safe to say that the value offered for the price is awesome, and far better than many other options available.

Some of the Best Wheels by Mickey Thompson:

1. Mickey Thompson Classic III Wheel with Polished Finish

This is one of the most well-liked, 8 spoke wheels by Mickey Thompson, that can be a great addition to your vehicle. It has a conventional polished finish, with a two-toned logo on the center cap.

This wheel is made of aluminum and thus, is highly durable and corrosion resistant. The selling point of this wheel, however, is its amazing off-road potential.

The Classic III can perform superbly in extreme terrains without compromising life. Moreover, it has a great load capacity.

2. Mickey Thompson Sidebiter II Wheel with Satin Black Finish

This is another excellent wheel by Mickey Thompson, which is constructed along the lines of modernity. Thus, if an innovative and unconventional design is what you are looking for, here it is.

This wheel has a magnificent satin black finish, and 7 spokes that are widely separated. There are multiple voids in the design of this wheel, which allows for easy cleaning in addition to imparting an attractive appearance. The manufacturing of this wheel makes it sturdy and highly dependable.

3. Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 PRO 2 Black Wheel with Matte Black Finish

The Mickey Thompson Deegan series has won many hearts ever since its introduction, and this regal matte black wheel is no exception. It is built specifically for handling the toughest of terrains, and is ideal for extreme off-road adventures.

This, however, does not mean that its performance on roads is any less. Its 7 spokes are styled in an edgy manner, and can turn heads wherever you go.

4. Mickey Thompson Classic Baja Lock Matte Black Wheel with Machined Finish

Looking for something that pops from miles away? This uniquely designed wheel can upgrade your truck both in terms of looks and performance. It has a dual-toned, machined finish with a matte black center cap and logo.

Its 8 spokes are classically patterned, which go very well with its unique build. This wheel is also great in off-road conditions, which coupled with its tremendous load capacity, make it a definite catch.

So good, in fact, that we have made a complete in-depth review of this wheel.

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