Meet the new Concept by Citroen, the futuristic 19_19

After their reveal of the Ami One Concept in February of this year, the famous French automaker Citroën presented their new 19_19 Concept, a car that is aiming to express the vision of ultra-comfort and extended mobility that the customers will need to escape the hectic cities.

As true manifesto to their brand, the 19_19 concept is an unconventional futuristic car, to say the least. It exists completely outside of every traditional automotive aspect, and it is a technological and aerodynamic machine of exceptional style, design, and proportion. It’s spectacular, suspended and transparent design comes straight from the world of planes and aviation in general.

This special cabin is designed as a living room thanks to the architecture and materials. It will offer the occupants a cocoon, in which every seat gives you a unique experience and absolute comfort.

This is a fully electric car with a range of 497 miles or 800 kilometers. The cabin is suspended through the use of Progressive Hydraulic Cushions suspension and smart active control. A personal assistant and completely autonomous driving are promised as well.Linda Jackson, the Global CEO of Citroën, had to say the following about their new concept car:

“19_19 Concept is our technological and innovative vision of the automotive future. It conserves the fundamentals that have made Citroën what it is over the last 100 years, a brand that listens to its customers and systematically focuses on human aspects, consistent with it’s Inspired by You’ brand signature. Design, creativity, comfort and innovation are and will remain central to Citroën’s DNA, as demonstrated by 19_19 Concept.”


In order to celebrate their 100 years of boldness and constant creativity, Citroën presented us with a true ÚFO in the car industry. The 19_19 will rewrite the rulebooks and expectations that other car manufacturers deal with. This car is unconventional and so much futuristic on purpose. Since there is nothing like it, it will be immediately recognizable wherever it appears, because of its streamlined shapes and skillful technological details.

They are also taking comfort to a completely new level. By coming up with their brand new capsule design, this car is a true living room on wheels, and it pushes the limits of the Advanced Comfort program of the brand. Individual seats designed with furniture in mind give the driver and the passenger exquisite comfort. Next, thanks to the use and help of artificial intelligence, a ‘Personal Assistant’ is built into the dashboard, and it is capable of taking control of the vehicle, and interacting with the passengers through a proactive system that can anticipate the needs of every person in the car.

Other specs

The car reduces carbon emissions, can heighten on-board comfort through by canceling out the noise and vibrations, and it proves that 100% electric vehicles are well suited and ready for long journeys. The batteries inside it are charged through induction technology no matter if the car is moving or stationary.
Thanks to all of the comfort-oriented additions to the interior, all of the people inside the car experience a sort of ‘mental detox’ meant for a complete and maximum traveling pleasure, and a total form of relaxation, calmness, and well-being of the mind and body.

The fully electric engine in this concept will produce 456 horsepower, as well as 590 pound-feet of torque, meaning it will please those who like sports cars as well.

The body clearly resembles an aircraft, while the capsule practically levitates above the four tall and narrow wheels. These, along with the suspension, promise a comfortable ride on any surface. The lengthy 3.10-meter wheelbase has enough room for a large battery.

Futuristic details and technologies

Special details that this car will have are plenty, and many of them are quite special. Take a look at the list underneath:

-Welcome screen on the doors
-Transparency and color contrasts
-Super tall and narrow wheels and tires by Goodyear
-The illusion of continuity between the wheels and tires
-Fixed hub centenary logo
-Technological and futuristic front end
-Coherent signature
-Technological showcase on the roof
-Living room interior
-Special, comfortable and supportive driver’s seat
-Sofa with a sundeck design in the back
-Aerial and entertaining with the dashboard
-Retractable steering wheel
-Special new suspension design
-Progressive hydraulic cushions
-Tires that enhance the overall comfort
-Voice recognition with natural language
-A head-up display and augmented reality
-Autonomous driving
-High-end electric technology