Meet the DS X E-Tense Concept

A completely different experience

The cockpit of the vehicle is accessible by an Elytre door, finished with a carbon fiber and leather combination. Most obvious is the pyramidal architecture of the lone seat. It perfectly adapts to the driver’s build, reminiscent of racing car seats. The reclined position helps keep the center of gravity of the car low. Meanwhile, the steering wheel is an interesting combination of metal, leather, and wood. It incorporates capacitive senses to monitor the efforts of the driver. The two-toned Aniline leather is in Millennium Blue and Navy Blue is finished with the trademark pearl topstitch pattern of the luxury brand. The pedals of the car have also been the victims of the designers’ attention to every detail. They alone contribute to the promise of a unique, never before felt joy once they are inside of the car, providing the driver with an adrenalin rush and an unforgettable experience.