Meet the DS X E-Tense Concept

Let us close our eyes and imagine what the perfect car of 2035 might look like. Combine all of your senses and picture new technologies, materials, and forms to shape a vehicle that will embody luxury on four wheels in the future. This is the mission of the employees at the DS Automobiles. They got the task to imagine a dream car for the distant year of 2035. The result of their imagination and brainstorming is the DS X E-Tense, a model of incomparable refinement. Let us take a closer look at this car, recently shown in Paris. It is described as being ‘light as a feather,’ and ‘silent as a breeze.’ Forged by its creators’ passion, it is meant for people who are passionate about cars.

Looking at the Future

In addition to the reputation it established as a brand capable of turning artistic and stylish ideas into reality, Citroen’s fancy sister company DS Automobiles also emerged as an ambassador of expertise.

A perfect combination of refinement and technology, they recently decided to focus on one single challenge – to utilize their premium brand renowned culture and knowledge and try to imagine an object of pure desire.

In today’s ever-changing car industry, the experts at DS Automobiles were asked to bring to life their vision of the car of tomorrow, while sharing their passion for automotive design unshackled from any constraints. And what a vision that is. The result of their magnificent journey and work is the DS X E-Tense.

The vision of the future that DS employees share varies a great deal from the conventional obsession for automated mobility. Instead of this, they looked to combine the benefits of advanced technology and a touch of poetic beauty. They explored how customers who want to indulge themselves in the experience may perceive the idea of French luxury eighteen years from now.

This breathtakingly beautiful car is the final result. Sensuous and inspiring, it is as revolutionary as the original DS model, which caught the imagination of the public 50 years ago.