How To Make An Electric Bike From A Bicycle [Easy Steps]

Converting a regular bike into an electric bike is a lot easier than it sounds. You can replace a few things and turn your bicycle into an electric bike, which is way more convenient. It’s easier to park and fast and comfortable enough to go to distant places.

Above that, it is environmentally friendly. Electric bikes are on-trend right now, and the following article shows how to make an electric bike in a few easy steps.

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How to Make an Electric Bike Yourself in 7 Steps

Several factors are closely related with the conversion of a bicycle to an electric bike. However, has some great resources related to gears and motor gadgets. You can follow them to get in-depth knowledge. So before going to start the process, you have to gather all the necessary items you need. So below, we have discussed the whole process step by step.

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Step 1: Getting a bike

Firstly, you need a bike. If you don’t have a bicycle already that you can use,  you can easily buy one. If you don’t want to spend much money on a brand new bike, you can always go for a second-hand bike, which will cost a lot less. However, the conversion might not be very cheap. After having a bicycle, you need to do just a few things to turn your regular cycle into an electric bike.

Any bicycle will work, but you can get something according to your preference. There are mainly two options, mountain bikes or road bikes.  Mountain bikes work best for converting into an electric bike as wider wheeled bikes give more stability. You must choose a bike that is sturdy enough to handle the weight of the battery and other components.

Step 2: Gathering materials

Some materials are needed to make an electronic bike. There are two ways you can do that. How to make an electric bike in the mentioned two ways are given below.

Buy a conversion kit

If you have no prior experience making an electric bike, then using a conversion kit is a better option. The conversion kit comes with a Throttle, speed controller, etc. some conversion kits come with other things, which are not always necessary. Though in most cases, the conversion kit doesn’t come with a battery. You can easily find an electric bike conversion kit online or bike supply stores.

Step 3: Make everything from scratch

Even though you can easily make an electric bike using a conversion kit, but some might be interested in making everything from scratch. Some the things you need to build an electronic bike are the following,


Motor depends on how powerful you want your bike. If you want more speed and fast acceleration, then you should go for a bigger motor. However, a bigger or powerful motor means a heavier motor too. If your bike is bigger, you can surely go for a bigger motor. Choose any motor, depending on your necessity and bike size.

Motor controller

The motor controller is the interface that connects the motor with other components. It lets you control signals and power to make to motor function. There are some programmable controllers available too, and They give you the option to change some things as you wish. Controllers are identified by the amount of current they can handle.


The lithium-Ion battery is mostly used or electric bikes. It is better to get a battery for electric bikes as it will come with a charger.  It will be easier to install, as well. An electric bike battery comes with all the instructions to insert it into the bike.

Choose your battery, depending on how you want to ride your electric bike. For comfortable riding, a 36 or 48-volt battery is good. If you’re going to take longer journeys, then it’s better to go for a battery with better capacity, preferably 20Ah or more. For shorter trips, 10Ah capacity is good enough.

If you are using a conversion kit, you also need to make sure that your battery is compatible with the conversion kit.


While riding, the motor is controlled by the throttle. There are commonly two types of throttles, which are thumb throttle and a twist throttle. It depends on your preference for what kind of throttle you feel comfortable with, but thumb throttles are considered safer.

These are the essential components needed to make an electric bike. However, you can always increase the complexity of your build by adding different features and customizing it.

Step 4: Replacing the wheel


You need to replace your regular wheels to make an electric bike. Firstly, you need to open the rim or cantilever brake. Let the air out from the tire and separate the tie from the wheel. You need to remove both the front and back wheels.

Then do the same things in inverse to put on the wheel that came with the conversion kit. Afterward, you need to connect to brake components. Make sure your bike’s chain fits properly with the back wheel.

Step 5: Connecting other parts

Attach the speed controller. Follow the instruction provided for the conversion kit to connect parts. The speed sensor needs to be attached to the back wheel. Then you need to connect the speed controller to the battery.  Also, attach the throttle.

Step 6: Mounting the battery

Mount the battery onto the bicycle. Commonly, batteries are mounted in the water bottle holding area. However, you can mount the battery in the front or back of your bicycle.  You can use a box to mount the battery to the cycle. Use the necessary hardware to attach the battery to the bike.

You need to charge the battery of your electric bike. Charging depends on how much you use your e-bike. If you use it frequently, then you might need to charge it often as well. Even if you don’t use your electric bike regularly, it is still advised to charge the battery every now and then.

Step 7: Safety

Make sure to secure all the wires.  Secure the cables with zip ties. While connecting the battery, you need to keep in mind that the cables are not together; otherwise, it might spark and cause an accident. Before riding the bike, check whether the brakes work properly.

Now you can easily enjoy an electric bike ride. Test drive a bit in a less crowded area to check if everything is working properly.


People are gradually becoming more and more aware of the environment. As a result, people’s interest in electric bikes is increasing. It takes less space, easier to park, and doesn’t take much effort to ride like a regular bicycle. E-bike is becoming popular for that reason. Now that we know how to make an electric bike, it will be much easier to turn a regular cycle into an electric bike.