4 Ways You Can Lower Your Car’s Insurance Premiums

Nothing is more crucial to your new car than getting good auto insurance, as you probably know already. Even if it’s your first car and you’re not aware of the importance of car insurance policies, you’ll quickly discover that you can’t go anywhere without vehicle insurance once you’ve driven away from the dealer with your new best buddy on four wheels. Sure, automobile insurance is one of the most inconvenient financial obligations we have. Still, if you’ve been in a collision, you’ll be glad and grateful that you have it since it usually pays off.

However, maintaining good car insurance can cost a substantial amount of money, especially in an economy significantly affected by the pandemic and geopolitical shifts. The problem is that when it comes to saving money on vehicle insurance, the majority of individuals do nothing. They let their insurance renew on its own, without comparing possibilities, and as a result, they are losing money.

With insurance costs on the increase, it’s more crucial than ever for drivers to discover methods to save money. Want to get a better deal on vehicle insurance? This is something that all drivers do! We’ve compiled a list of the greatest money-saving techniques to assist you in cutting expenditures.

Put One Of Your Cars In The Garage

As you may know, over the past couple of years, the U.S. and Canada gas prices find themselves at a record high with experts predicting that they’ll stay that way for a long time, thus hitting our family budgets very hard. For that reason, try to make out a family plan for driving only one car for some time, so you can temporarily suspend your auto insurance coverage on the one you won’t move.

You must not drive one of your two automobiles for any purpose at any time if you choose to park one of them and suspend the insurance on it. Driving a car without insurance is unlawful in countries like Canada. In addition, if you are caught driving without insurance by a police officer, the penalties can be severe, and they can negatively influence your vehicle insurance cost.

Find out what your alternatives are by calling your insurance agent or broker. In the long run, you can save money by opting to drive one of your cars and covering your go-to car with tailored premiums from trusted insurance providers like www.brokerlink.ca. And since there are multiple options to consider when deciding on your auto insurance, we advise you to speak with a professional advisor to walk you through your options and explain everything there is in clear language.

Do Research Before You Renew Your Premium

Most people don’t do the necessary research before renewing their premiums, mainly because they feel they got a good deal the last time. But this is a wrong approach. You might be wasting money if you haven’t looked for auto insurance in a few years. Car insurance companies want to earn your business and continuously look for new ways to improve coverage.

If you have a clean driving record, don’t assume that your current coverage is the most cost-effective one available. Instead, pick up the phone, browse online, or use auto insurance comparison sites to find the best deal. You might save a small fortune every year.

The Best Insurance Is Safe Driving

Although it seems obvious, driving safely saves you money by itself because keeping your driving record clean is one of the easiest methods to minimize your auto insurance prices. Insurance companies have a strong stake in how well you drive, and they will reward or punish you for it. So be extra careful when you park or back out of driveways, as those kinds of minor errors will cost you money.

Another important thing to do is keep your car routinely and regularly checked by a licensed professional. Shops that have no official license from the car manufacturers are not a safe option.

Increase Your Deductibles If You Can

Consider this: the bigger your deductible, the lower your monthly premium will be. A deductible is the amount of money you must pay out of pocket if you file a claim to have your car fixed before your insurance policy kicks in. Raising your deductibles can help you save a little money. The sword may, however, cut both ways. The deductible you pick should be determined by your financial condition. To put it another way, make certain you can afford the higher deductible.

Bonus: Is Having a Car Insurance a Mandatory Thing

All the methods that we suggested are effective and we recommend you apply them. However, there is another problem that we need to highlight in this article. There are still people that do not understand all the benefits of car insurance. We do understand that lack of money usually is the main reason why people do not protect themselves as well as their vehicle this way. However, as you see, there are ways to reduce the costs. In case you still hesitate to make this move, we suggest you continue reading. In the part below, you will see the main reasons why deciding on this move is going to be a smart move!

You Get Protection from Accidents

We did highlight that safe driving is the best possible car insurance that you can get. However, mistakes happen. That especially counts if you lack experience or concentration. Apart from that, it can also happen that you are just a victim of someone else’s irresponsible driving. In all those cases, the damage will occur and it can sometimes be pretty costly.

Because of that, we suggest you protect yourself from any type of damage that could occur with a good car insurance. If you pick the right package, car accidents, fire, or any other cause of damage will no longer be a problem. You will have the policy that covers all these problems.

Most people say “nothing bad will happen to me”. We do admire your positivity and optimism. On the other hand, we do not want to sound negative here. But, it is always much better to be careful and protect yourself on time!

You Will Also Protect Yourself

Who says that the damage of the vehicle is the only thing that car insurances cover? The more important thing is actually your personal protection and health. It may happen that you break a leg, experience head injury, or something similar. It doesn’t matter who is guilty for the accident. You will have to cover the medical costs. However, if you have the car insurance, then you won’t have to worry about that at all! The insurance company will cover all the medical costs. Apart from that, in case death appears due to an accident, the insurer will take care of the all the costs that could potentially appear. Of course, we once again need to say that we hope you won’t find yourself in this situation.

Coverage of Third-Party Property

You and your vehicle are not the only ones that can experience damage. Due car accident, it often happens that third-party property gets damage. You, as someone involved in the accident, will need to cover the costs of fixing the damage. But, if you have an appropriate car insurance, then you can be sure that everything will be just fine. They will cover the costs in case you face legal liabilities. That means you can save a huge amount of money. Doesn’t this only confirm that having a car insurance is a good idea?

Final Thoughts


Getting the most acceptable auto insurance prices from top insurers should be on the mind of each driver, particularly when it comes to renewal time, whether you live in Quebec, where insurance premiums are the lowest in Canada, according to a report by the Insurence Bureau of Canada, or British Columbia, where the cost of living is no joke. Remember the tips mentioned above: drive safely and economically, don’t slack on research, and try to work your deductibles. It will go a long way and save you money that you haven’t even thought about saving yet.