Lanmodo Full-Color Night Vision Camera Helps People Drive Safely at Night

Driving at night is a dangerous task, especially for old motorists who have poor vision. Fading night vision can be dreadful for such drivers. With increasing age, an old motorist may also develop various eye problems like reduced vision, blurred vision, or a cataract which he may not be aware of.

Also due to poor lighting, many drivers may face eye fatigue. This happens primarily because during the night time eyes need to work harder to see.

The eyes need to adjust to lighting and darkness frequently due to the shining headlights coming across the road. Long-distance drivers like those driving trucks have to travel for hours together at a stretch. They also face night driving difficulty due to bad weather and poor lighting on the road.

What is Lanmodo Night Vision System?

An automotive night vision system is used to improve the driver’s perception and help him see the distance at night. It uses a camera which assists motorists to have a better vision of what lies ahead of them.

Lanmodo vast night vision camera system is one such device that is designed to help drivers traveling at night. It uses a front-facing camera for its source image. There are many night vision systems available in the market, but Lanmodo night vision is a full-color night vision system. This is what sets it apart from the other night vision systems.

This night vision system from Lanmodo aims to provide better road safety to the drivers at night, under poor lighting conditions and during bad weather. It brings the object closer and also improves low-light visibility.

The system also provides a 36-degree wide angle vision of the road, making it easier for you to anticipate the road situation.

The Lanmodo night vision is a great piece of technology for those with poor vision and also for night travelers. It has an 8.2 inch big HD screen and a resolution of 1080P, which is extremely high. The system also has a rear-view camera, which is helpful for truck drivers to monitor the truck trail.

How Lanmodo helps people to drive safely at night and during bad weather conditions?


While driving during the night, drivers usually use low beams and high beams to get a view of the road ahead. In spite of the beams, the distance vision stays limited. This is where Lanmodo vast night vision system comes to the rescue.

It helps you to see beyond the headlights of the car. The night vision system extends up to 300m, thus assisting you to see clearly what lies ahead. By seeing the road ahead, you can be prepared for what is going to come your way.

This night vision system uses low-light imaging enhancement technology to provide 1080P full-color image. This resolution is capable of providing you with the best possible low light visibility.

The image processor in the camera helps you by processing the images in real time. Thus, it gives you enough clarity while driving. The camera in this device also sports an active infrared functionality.

Apart from night driving assistance, the Lanmodo night vision system is also helpful during bad weather conditions. The camera can be used without the night vision enhancement for improving road visibility during the rainy season and on a foggy day too.

The full-colored images help you to keep your road visibility intact under all weather conditions. Thus, you can feel safe and secure not only while driving at night but during the day also.

Who is the product suitable for?


If you ever travel at night, then this night vision system is a must-have gadget for your road safety. The Lanmodo Vast night vision system helps you to have enhanced vision of the road when the lighting is poor during the night.

The device is not only useful for night driving but also during the day under bad weather conditions like rain, storm and fog. You can take full advantage of the camera under all circumstances to ensure maximum road safety.

Thus, this device acts as a safety assistant and is suitable to be used by all motorists. It is especially helpful for elderly people with vision problems.

So if you travel late at night or in the wee hours of early morning, this gadget is definitely your best travel companion.

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