Keep your RV in top shape

Who doesn’t love traveling? It is one of the best ways to escape from the place you’ve seen every single day your entire life. Also, is there a better way to discover new places and meet new people, possibly forming new friendships? I think not.

Traveling is certainly amazing, and some people live lifestyles that involve constantly moving around and being “on the run”. Regardless of what you love traveling with, there is a pretty large number of people that travel by their RV.

In this article, we’re going to provide you with a few tips for keeping your RV in top shape so that it never lets you down while being on the road. Let’s take a look.


How to keep your RV in top shape

One of the worst things that can happen during your travel is your vehicle breaking down while you’re in the middle of nowhere as stated by Although it will be quite the adventure, it can sometimes be pretty stressful, especially if you’re someone who travels with kids.

We will start with basic tips and move up from there. Just like any other vehicle, your RV needs to be regularly checked and maintained to avoid any issues, especially when you’re on the road. Although their maintenances are not completely the same as let’s say cars, for example, they still need to be regularly checked. Some components of the RV’s such as the electrical, water and sewer systems need to be maintained regularly as they can be the first ones to give up if you tend to forget about them. Also, getting a deep cycle RV battery is extremely useful.

Next, maintaining the engine is mandatory as well. There are a few things that you can check for, before deciding to go on a longer journey. So to be safe and sure that everything is fine, make sure to check the following things.


  • Check the oil and ensure that the engine has all the movable parts completely lubricated. If there is too much friction, your engine will get heated up pretty fast and it may start malfunctioning in the middle of the trip.
  • Make sure that you change the engine oil and the filter, and this is especially important if you plan to go on a trip that is going to be a long distance one. Clean engine oil is really important.
  • Make sure to check your brakes and see if they work the way they should. As obvious as it sounds, you can never really be too careful with this. Your engine might give up and it can cause frustration, but if your brakes give up, it’s a whole different story that we don’t want to happen to anyone. So make sure you check them either yourself or by taking your RV to a maintenance service.
  • Check for leaks around the oil pan and make sure that nothing is dripping out. If you have something that is causing leaks, you will end up with your oil wasted in the middle of your journey.