Justin Bieber’s Mercedes G-Class With Christmas Wrap

Justin Bieber’s Mercedes G-Class


When you are rich and famous, you have enough cash to buy pretty much any car and later on customize it to your likings. In so many cases we could have seen celebrities destroying a perfectly good car, but this time, Justin Bieber really made holidays nicer with this Christmas themed wrap on the Mercedes G-Class SUV.

Mercedes G-Class


While the Mercedes G-Class is a quite popular vehicle of choice for celebrities from Hollywood, it is always interesting to see what will they do with it. Starting price of this SUV is about $123,000, and even we do not know what is under the hood of this Christmas beauty we are sure that big bad machine sleeps there.

Justin Bieber’s Christmas Present

In one of the social media videos by a famous singer, we could hear him commenting how some of the people were saying that he isn’t in the Christmas spirit. Well, this was one of the best ways to show them how wrong they are, transforming his G-Class into a Christmas present.

Christmas Wrap


The job was done perfectly, and we do not know what the price was for this one, but we are sure that Bieber can afford it. Images show North Pole scene with Santa Claus, penguins, polar bears, trees and nice ribbons.

While there are many that simply don’t love this guy we really like his choice of the ride when it comes to this G-Class. Who would love this one as a present?

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