Jeff Dunham Has Awesome Car Collection

When you get that celebrity status, it usually means that you have a lot of money. And when people have a lot of money, they buy a bunch of cars, whether they love four-wheelers or not. One of the VIPs with an amazing car collection is definitely comedian Jeff Dunham. He has a serious range of vehicles from exotics to muscle cars, and he drives all of his machines regularly.

But there is nothing surprising about this. He has mentioned multiple times that he loves cars that are conversation starters and believe us, he has plenty of such models in his garage. Let’s check them out.

9. Ford GTX1

Ford GT already stands out in the crowd, but that was not enough for Jeff. He opted for the Ford GTX1 which is the same as the GT, only without the roof. What makes this model so specific is the rarity since only around 100 models were produced. And Jeff isn’t afraid to take this car out to the street.

8. 1934 Ford Achmedmobile


You must be familiar with Achmed, the Dead Terrorist. Everybody knows this character. Well, one of Jeff’s cars actually belongs to Achmed. He got a 1934 Ford street rod that already looked terrific, but with the few custom bits, this vehicle became the personal ride of Achmed. When you press the accelerator pedal on this car, the “Achmed’s” hood-scoop mouth opens to draw in the air. Jeff thought about everything.

7. 1965 George Barris Calico Surfer

Another vehicle worth mentioning is the 1965 George Barris Calico Surfer. Only if you are a true gearhead, you will be familiar with this car. This model is a custom creation, and Jeff says that he bought it at an auction for a small amount of money after one of the bidders had a heart attack in the middle of bidding. We cannot tell whether this is true or not, but Jeff got himself a nice ride.

6. Bradley GT

These sports cars are not widely known, but Jeff has several models in his collection. These vehicles used the underpinnings and powertrain from a Volkswagen Beetle. No doors and no roof could be a reason for caution, but the Bradley GT looks fantastic.

5. 1970 Plymouth Superbird

If you love vintage muscle cars, you know that this model is hard to find. While a bunch of models used a 440 cubic-inch engine mated to an automatic transmission this Superbird had a 426 Hemi and a manual transmission. And one of these babies is in Jeff’s ownership.

4. 1966 Batmobile

Although this isn’t THE Batmobile from the classic 1966 TV series, it is one of the coolest replicas ever made. George Barris designed the original car, but Jeff isn’t too shy to drive this replica around town. He is really into some crazy vehicles.

3. 1992 Batmobile

And just when you thought that Jeff was done with Batmobiles, you were wrong. He has another one. And this one comes from 1992. And the best thing about it is that this is the original model featured in the 1992’s Batman Returns. It is street legal, and we are only wondering how come Jeff doesn’t drive it all the time.

2. 1973 AMC Gremlin

Some of the vehicles in Jeff’s garage are not as popular as a Batmobile. And one of those models is the 1973 AMC Gremlin, which only proves that the comedian is a true car lover. Jeff actually has several restored Gremlins in his garage, but the 1973 model is specific as it comes with a 5.0-liter V8 engine and Levi upholstery.

1. 1971 Mercury Marquis Brougham

One of the newest models in Jeff’s collection is the 1971 Mercury Marquis Brougham which is definitely not among the most attractive vehicles Jeff has bought so far. However, this one has sentimental value – his first car looked exactly like this one, so we had to mention it.

Which one is your favorite?

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