Items That Will Make Your Car Interior Look Better

People who drive cars often want to have the coolest car in the neighborhood. However, most of us know that upgrading your car look costs a lot of money. When searching for items to improve the look of your car interior, you will want something that is both cheap and cool to have. Here are some items that could help you improve how your car looks like on the inside, as well as save you tons of money:

1. Replace the floor mats – one of the simplest ways to turn around your car is to change the floor mats. It might not seem like something that is a high priority, but replacing the mats is one of the best interior car modifications that you could make. It is one of the quickest ways to change things up without having to spend a lot of money on it. If you need suggestions or ideas check out some cool floor mats on Vip Avanti!


2. Interior vinyl – by adding vinyl to the interior, you will be able to sweeten up your ride, and one of the best benefits of vinyl is that it can be easily removed. You can add some nice colors to the dash or the steering wheel. You could even have some fun by trying various colors, patterns, and styles.

3. Steering wheel covers – add a little bit of color or keep it simple by adding a steering wheel cover. It is perhaps one of the most affordable things to buy (starting from $5), as well as the easiest and quickest things to do. You could try a colorful, crazy pattern, or you could try a simple, black cover like the MEWANT leather steering wheel cover. Finding something that will be pleasant to touch, as well as something that will show your personality is a great way to boost the overall look of your interior.


4. Add sports pedals – most people will not notice the pedals of your car, but if anyone does notice them, they will be impressed by a set of shiny, new, sports pedals that are under your feet. A good set of sports pedals are around $25-$45, but you will be able to find some that are even under $20.

5. Replace your gearshift knob – if your car has an automatic transmission, you will probably want to move on to the next idea. However, if you drive a manual than changing the basic model of your gearshift with something that is customized just for you will make your car look more personalized and expensive. Also, it is not expensive to change the know of your gearshift. Hence you will have a wide range of option of choice. Do not be afraid to get one that will show off your personality, you could get one that looks like a pool or golf ball, or opts for a steel sphere, a wooden ball, or something that is wrapped in a leather unit.

6. Custom cover seats – there is nothing that can make your car look old than torn, cracked, and faded covers on the front and back seats. If your car seats look like Edward Scissorhands sat in it, it is time to change them. It is expensive to get your car seats reupholstered, so instead of doing that, you could opt for buying matching sets of seat covers and slide them over the ones that are worn out. There are various designs, styles, and materials, so you will be able to choose what will fit your car best.


7. Add a phone holder and a USB charger – this is one of the things you will meneed in your car. This does not only add to the interior, but it will be quite functional for you as well. A phone holder will make using the navigation system easier, and safer. Since you will add a phone holder, it is also quite useful to have a USB charger to go with it. No one likes having their phone off, and having a USB charger means that you can always avoid that.