Is There So Much More to Car Wax

Having your car clean and mirror-like shiny is what every driver strives to achieve. This does not just come about from a regular car wash session. You need to complement an ordinary car wash session with the right car wax product.

Why is the body of your car not shiny?

If you have ever washed your car from home and let it dry out in the sun, you have most probably wondered how come the body of your vehicle is not as glossy and shiny in comparison to when you take it to the local professional car wash.

The reason is simple; the car wash attendant uses a good quality car wax on the body of your vehicle. That is usually after a thorough wash.

So if you want to wash the car yourself from the comfort of your home and achieve a shiny sheen on your vehicle, you will need to get a good quality car wax to achieve such a finish.

Benefits of using car wax

You have most likely noticed that when you take on the task of cleaning your vehicle with water and soap, it does get clean. But after you have hosed it down and it has almost dried, your car will tend to have water spots all over the body of the vehicle. Most car owners attempt to sponge off the water spots with the use of micro-fibre cloth, but this is rarely effective and still fails to bring out that glossy finish that you are looking for.

Using a quality car wax is the best solution for making those watermarks disappear and achieve that sparkly finish.

Other than aesthetics, the car wax forms a protective barrier between the car’s body and the elements, protecting your vehicle from the sun, debris and dust. Wax helps repel water off the body of your car, helping it dry faster even in wet conditions.

With car wax on your, it means your vehicle stays cleaner for longer, allowing longer times in between going to the car wash or having to wash the car yourself. That’s because dirt and water have a hard time sticking to it all thanks to the high-quality car wax. Exposure and oxidation are what eventually cause rust on a car’s body, and car waxes prevent that from happening by providing a protective coating to your vehicle.

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What is in a quality car wax?

Car wax formulations may vary from one brand to another, but they ultimately seek to provide protection and a shiny neat finish for your car. The very best in the market

  •   Have a thin film for easy application
  •   Can be applied using different methods
  •   Keep paint and clear coat safe
  •   Provide a durable coating for adequate protection against rain, snow, wind, dirt, grime and oxidation


A high-quality wax does more than keeps your vehicle looking cute and pretty; it also serves to protect and enhance the longevity of your car.