Is the 2019 Lincoln Navigator the right SUV for you?

Purchasing a vehicle demands quite a high investment from your part, so naturally, before making your choice, it’s important to consider a few important aspects first. If you’ve already decided that an SUV is the right fit for your lifestyle, the next step is actually choosing a model.

The market holds an impressive selection of great SUVs, each brand and model coming with its own set of advantages. The 2019 Lincoln Navigator has drawn the attention of many car lovers, and it seems like this latest version brings quite a few pros to the table.

Is 2019 Lincoln Navigator actually your dream car? What should you know about this particular model? What type of features does the auto provide to make it worth the investment? Here are the factors that drive the interest of car buyers first:

Bold exterior aesthetics

Even if you are the type of drivers who looks into a car’s performance in detail, it’s impossible not to let yourself be infected by an auto’s design as well. As long as you are willing to invest a rather large amount in this purchase, you probably want an SUV that comes with impressive aesthetics, and the exterior style of the 2019 Lincoln Navigator will certainly not disappoint you.

Resembling the 2019 Ford Expedition, the Lincoln benefits form a more elegant design, incorporating a few cool touches, such as the LEDs placed underneath the headlights. The car maintains a bold look, appropriate for SUVs in general, but it’s considered a more sophisticated model. The focal point consisting of the auto’s big grille, together with the 22 inch wheels gives the car pleasing visuals. As soon as you see the model in person, it’s impossible not to fall in love with its exterior design.

Great performance

The car does look great, but is its performance just as satisfactory? The Navigator’s engine is a power house, having a 3.5L EcoBoost engine. With 500 pound-feet of torque and 450 horsepower, there’s not much more you could ask from a car in the performance department. Once you look over a few detailed Lincoln Navigator Reviews, you’ll also discover that this version does have a great power for towing, being just as functional in this department as a pickup truck. According to, if needed, you’d be able to tow up to more than 8,500 pounds. So if you were seeking a powerful SUV, you’ll actually quite enjoy this Navigator.

Smooth handling

Having a big car can be great from several points of view, but not when it comes to handling. You might be worried that you’ll have difficulties maintaining balance when taking curves and with steering in general, considering how large the Lincoln Navigator actually is. However, once you get behind the wheel and start driving, you’ll see for yourself that the car facilities composed handling. The car manages to maintain its balance during harsh turns, and it’s easier to park than you might have anticipated. The minimized body roll is made possible thanks to the vehicle’s’ suspension’s sport setting, which you can activate whenever you please. Driving a big car and enjoying smooth handling is actually possible with the 2019 Navigator.

Excellent winter vehicle

If you’re looking for versatility in a car, you should know that the 2019 Navigator provides smooth rides all year long, regardless of weather conditions. While not being a hardcore off-road car exactly, it can be easily driven during winter, so you don’t have to worry about a little snow or ice affecting your general road performance.

The car comes with an optional 4WD system. If you buy the vehicle with this type of system incorporated, you can easily steer on slippery roads, without dealing with inconveniences. Being able to go from point A to point B even when it’s snowing outside might appeal to you. Also, to ensure full safety on mountainous areas, you can use the car’s hill descendent control. The manufacturers have considered every single road inconvenience when designing this particular model.

Spacious interior design

You couldn’t talk about the 2019 Lincoln Navigator without at least mentioning how spacious it is. The reason why you are looking into SUV in the first place, instead of classic car designs, is probably to benefit from a more spacious interior and comfortable drive, and this Navigator is one of the biggest SUVs around.

The third-row seating accommodates both children and adults, and the cushioned seats ensure full comfort during rides. You have the possibility to choose a navigator version that incorporates 30-way massaging front seats as well.

You’ll always enjoy a relaxing drive with the Navigator, not just because it’s so spacious, but due to its interior design characteristics in general, including the tri-zone automatic climate control. If you believe you need more cargo space than the standard version has available, go for the extended L Navigator version.

Variety of entertainment features

Taking the Navigator for a long road trip will be great, not just because it provides such a smooth drive, but because you can easily make the ride fun with the entertainment features available. You have a standard Wi-Fi hot spot, so all passengers can surf the web freely. If you want to keep your kids preoccupied, you’ll also love the rear seat entertainment system with twin displays and headphones. Watching a movie or even playing video games is possible for your backseat passengers. Road trips will never be boring again.

An SUV might be the type of car that would accommodate the needs of your family perfectly, but considering the variety of models available, deciding on the ideal option won’t be easy. The 2019 Lincoln Navigator comes with an impressive range of features and characteristics that make it appealing to car enthusiasts. As you can see, you’ll be getting quite a few benefits out of buying this particular SUV version. If you were looking for the ideal luxury SUV, one that performs just as great as it looks, this might be a choice worth your consideration.