Is Rustproofing Your Vehicle Worth It?

Your car is probably one of your most important investments. Cars are expensive, and they give you the freedom to work, play and keep commitments. They are also complicated machines that require meticulous care and maintenance. As you drive your vehicle more, it naturally starts to wear down. You may think that depreciation is an inevitable fact of life, but there are things you can do to protect and keep it in good shape. One of those things is rustproofing.

Learn What Rustproofing Is

Rustproofing is a process that adds an extra layer of protection to the metal of your car. Obviously, these machines rely heavily on different types of metal to operate safely and effectively. Metal can be moulded, and it is very sturdy, which makes it the ideal choice. Metal does have one key weakness. That weakness is rust.

Metal will rust when exposed to the elements such as oxygen. Water is particularly problematic as it contains oxygen, especially because of rain, which means water will regularly hit all parts of the metal. This is why rustproof was invented. Rustproof is a special chemical application that helps prevent the advancement of this process. With a rustproof use, your car can avoid rust for longer, even with normal wear and tear.

Understand the Way Rustproof Works

The need for a rustproof barrier was established by early vehicle use. Prior to 1950, automobiles were growing in popularity, but they quickly degraded in terms of functionality. To combat this problem, the idea of creating something to protect them from rust effectively became paramount for car manufacturers. Early efforts involved electrodeposition primers, but by 1970, methods using cathodic automotive electrocoat primers were preferable. To apply these primers, its body would be fully submerged into a tank. The tank was filled with an e-coat. By doing this, it gets completely coated with the primer. While car manufacturers continue to actively apply rustproof during the assembly process, there are now additional aftermarket rustproof products that can also be used.

There Are Reasons People Do Not Rustproof

Because car manufacturers now readily apply a rustproof coat during the assembly, many think they do not need to add additional rustproof layers. Indeed, technology has advanced significantly over the years. Modern cars hold out longer than ever against the elements. By this logic, many car owners and even some car experts do not believe that additional rustproof applications are necessary after purchasing a new vehicle. However, given the value and price of these transportation devices, it is important to be fully informed of the facts concerning rustproof applications.

It Extends the Life of Your Car

The first reason to look into additional rustproof applications is value. In short, when you rustproof, you are giving it value by extending its life. The reason for this is simple. Think about the way vehicles develop wear and tear. Despite all the advancements in technology, most people have seen rust develop on their vehicles after a certain number of years. Rust is not merely a cosmetic problem. Rust will start to degrade the integrity of any metal. As rust continues to spread, soon, your vehicle’s viability diminishes. You will have to get a new car sooner rather than later, and rust all the while rendering its value obsolete.

Expert Rustproof Applications Protect Vulnerable Areas

Even if you take care of your car, it is still vulnerable to rust. This is because most car care is devoted to the visible, painted exterior. People will spend time washing and maintaining the paint job, but that is not the only place where rust will begin. In most cases, rust starts on the outer fender due to rain, however it can also start on the underbelly. This is where the exposed metal comes into constant contact with the elements. This problem is especially insidious because it is an area you cannot readily see. Therefore, your rust problem can continue for quite some time before you even notice.

Your Rustproof Application Can Reduce Insurance Costs

Some people resist the idea of applying a rustproof coat because they think it is too expensive. You will indeed pay extra to rustproof your car more thoroughly, but there are unexpected ways to recuperate the value. Namely, you may see a break in your insurance premiums. This is because insurance premiums are all about risk. If you have a lot of risk factors, your policy will cost you more. By these measures, a car that has a rustproof application will not pose as much of a risk to your insurance company. Therefore, the company may be able to give you a discount. You need to read your policy and check with your insurer to see what your savings could be.

Control Sound Pollution with a Rustproof Layer

Some people also find out that they have less sound entering the car from outside after it has been rustproofed, which makes sense when you consider the way the technology works. Aftermarket rustproof layers are applied to the exterior, you cannot readily see the rustproof layer, but you may be able to hear the difference on the inside. In some ways, it functions a little like insulation. Insulation between your walls serves a primary purpose to limit air circulation. The additional side effect is that the walls also dampen noise. Adding an extra protective layer can have the same effect. You may have a quieter ride after your rustproof layer is done. Your results will vary depending on the age and make of your vehicle.

Work with Experts for the Best Results with Rustproof

If you are thinking about investing in a rustproof application, be sure to talk to the experts. There are various do-it-yourself kits, but those kits do not offer the same reliability as expertly applied coats. The difference is in both the materials and in the novice touch of most car owners. Instead of going halfway with an at-home solution, you will be better served with a professional application. Fortunately, there are plenty of companies that can offer this service. This way, you can protect your car and enhance its worth for years to come. Rustproofing, information and other operations are avaliable by visiting the site: