Is Buying A Car For Turo Worth It? What You Need To Know

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With the Turo 2023 market in full swing, there has never been a more exciting time to turn your four-wheeled companion into a money-making machine by putting it out for rentals.

In this post, we’ll answer the question everyone’s asking: Is it a good idea to buy a car for Turo? We’ll also provide you with valuable insights by breaking down the potential earnings, requirements, and the pros and cons of hosting on Turo.

Let’s get started.

Is Buying A Car For Turo Worth It?

car renting on turo

Yes! Turo can be great for a savvy host who learns the market till they know it like the back of their hand.

With a bit of time and effort, you can turn your Turo Rental Business into a full-fledged business, or even keep it as a handy side hustle to make sure your car doesn’t sit idle and collect dust.

How Much Can Hosts Make On Turo?

Now, let’s talk money. The earning potential on Turo is as diverse as the cars themselves.

You can make a lot of passive income from Turo. It all comes down to factors like your car’s desirability, location, and the current market demand.

Things That Affect How Much You Earn

Let’s talk about the factors that can affect your income and how you can take advantage of that to earn more.

  • Location: Choose a location with high demand, such as busy cities or tourist hotspots, to charge premium rates and increase earnings.
  • Type of Vehicle: Luxury cars like BMWs and Porsches can command higher rental rates, but reliable and budget-friendly options like Toyotas or SUVs can still attract a wide range of renters.
  • Market Competition: Stand out by offering unique features, impeccable service, or competitive pricing to differentiate yourself from competitors and attract more bookings.
  • Availability and Utilization: Optimize your rental schedule, be responsive to inquiries, and aim for high utilization of your vehicle to maximize income potential.
  • Seasonal Demand: Take advantage of peak travel seasons and holidays when there is increased demand.

Requirements Of Hosting On Turo

Turo doesn’t just allow anyone. There are certain criteria you need to meet. We’ll discuss these criteria in this section.

Turo Car Requirements

To ensure that your car is eligible for hosting on Turo you must have:

  • Vehicle Information: You need to provide accurate and detailed information about your car, including its make, model, year, mileage, and any unique features it may have.
  • Condition and Cleanliness: Your car should be in good condition, both mechanically and aesthetically. It should be clean and well-maintained to provide a positive experience for renters.
  • Documentation: You will need to provide important documents such as the vehicle title, registration, and proof of insurance when listing your car on Turo.

Turo Host Requirements

  • Driver’s License: You must possess a valid driver’s license that is in good standing.
  • Age Requirement: Turo generally requires hosts to be at least 21 years old, although this age limit may vary depending on your location.
  • Background Check: Turo conducts a background check on all potential hosts to ensure the safety and security of the platform. This may include checking your driving record and verifying your identity.
  • Financial Eligibility: Turo may consider factors such as credit history and financial stability to assess your ability to cover any potential costs or damages.

Cars That Make the Most Money on Turo

Now, what are the most profitable cars on Turo? We’ll discuss that in depth in this section.

Luxury Cars

new porsche

From sleek BMWs to elegant Porsches, luxury vehicles offer renters a taste of the high life. Their allure and top-notch features allow hosts to charge premium rates, attracting customers who crave that upscale experience.

Versatile SUVs

Jeep Wrangler

SUVs like the Toyota Camry or the rugged Jeep Wrangler are sought after by thrill-seekers and families alike. With their off-road capabilities and spacious interiors, these versatile rides appeal to renters looking to explore the great outdoors.

Fuel-Efficient and Compact Cars

Toyota Prius

In urban areas or places with high fuel prices, economical options like the Toyota Prius or the trusty Honda Civic shine. Budget-conscious renters appreciate their fuel efficiency and reliability, making them a popular choice for city explorations.

Classic and Unique Cars

Classic and Unique Cars

Step back in time or make a statement. Classic and unique cars have a special charm that captivates renters seeking a nostalgic or standout experience. Vintage Mustangs, sleek convertibles, or quirky Volkswagen vans add a touch of excitement to any adventure, allowing hosts to charge higher rates.



There are a lot of people who want to have their special occasions in style. Whether it’s a wedding, prom night, or a memorable night out, renters are willing to pay a premium for the elegance and grandeur that a limousine provides.

Box Trucks

Box Trucks

Yes, you read that right! A box truck might not be the first vehicle that comes to mind, but it can be surprisingly profitable on Turo. These versatile vehicles have a range of uses, from helping people move to supporting small businesses with transportation needs. Offering a box truck rental can tap into a unique market segment and generate a steady stream of bookings.

Pros Of Hosting On Turo

If you host on Turo, you can:

  • Generate extra income by renting out your car on Turo.
  • Cover the costs of car ownership, such as loan payments, insurance, and maintenance expenses.
  • Have control over the availability of your car, tailored to your schedule and needs while still being able to rent it.
  • Maintain your car’s value through Turo rentals, potentially resulting in a higher resale price in the future.

Cons Of Hosting On Turo

These are the downsides of using Turo.

  • Higher maintenance costs due to increased wear and tear on your car.
  • Potential additional costs for accidents or damages based on Turo’s insurance coverage and deductibles.
  • Fluctuating market demands can affect your rental earnings.
  • Turo charges fees for each rental, reducing your overall earnings.
  • Being a Turo host requires significant time and effort to manage listings, respond to inquiries, and ensure a smooth rental experience.

Is Turo Better For Hosts Than Other Car Sharing Platforms?

While Turo is a popular car sharing platform, it’s important to note that it may not be the best option in every way.

Other platforms, such as Getaround, also offer similar car sharing services and excel in some areas compared to Turo. For instance, the former has a more straightforward fee structure and a simpler rental process.

You’ll need to carefully consider both Turo and Getaround to find what fits you the most.


How often do cars get rented on Turo?

With the right pricing, you can have at least 22+ rentals a month.

Does Turo Cover Insurance?

Yes, Turo provides insurance coverage for hosts and renters with different protection plans.

What city uses Turo the most?

Los Angeles has the highest number of active Turo Renters.

What percentage does Turo take?

Turo usually takes between 15 and 40 percent. This percentage covers rental expenses, insurance, and advertising.

Final Thoughts

Buying a car for Turo is worth it when you nail the pricing and choose the right vehicle. Remember, your car must be clean, safe, and reliable. Combine that with friendly and responsive customer service, and you’re on track to earn excellent income from your Turo venture.

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