8 Interactive Marketing Ideas Around Motor Shows – 2023 Guide

Unfocused marketing initiatives are no longer effective, according to marketers today. Customers now demand highly customized digital marketing initiatives that are scalable due to constantly evolving marketing strategies.

Interactive marketing is a type of such marketing strategy. Automobile brands can use interactive marketing to engage customers by sending personalized messages and outcomes.

But the majority of car industry businesses are barely keeping their lights on. If you don’t want to be part of that crowd, keep reading to find out what the best interactive content ideas for your motor show are that you are missing!

What is Interactive Marketing?

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Interactive marketing is the process of establishing two-way contact between the firm and its customers, allowing them to express their opinions, preferences, and choices about the product to help the marketer improve it. Marketers need the appropriate equipment and cutting-edge technology to successfully implement an interactive marketing plan.

To strengthen their marketing approach, businesses use interactive marketing to gather client opinions, tastes, and preferences. The task of a marketer has been dramatically simplified and made more accessible by interactive marketing. They only need to follow the clients instead of sending out leads. You have the chance to improve every time they offer their feedback.

1.  Quizzes

Quizzes are a condensed version of competitions. There are many types, including contest quizzes, knowledge tests, video quizzes, and shopping quizzes. They can simply produce leads for your company because they are entertaining and fascinating. As an interactive marketing tactic, you should also think about quizzes. Additionally, they are typically easy to set up. Using quizzes in an interactive marketing campaign is a novel technique to engage clients. People complete a survey, share their findings online, and urge others to follow suit. For winners, you can create online certificates to encourage them. You can use the certificate by Vista for this purpose.

2.  Polls and Surveys

A subset of online questionnaires can be found in interactive polls and surveys. They frequently contain interactive visualizations and photos. They also give you a unique insight into the preferences and cognitive processes of others.

An individual is likely to hold a favorable opinion of your brand if they have followed it on social media. These individuals will offer some of the frankest and most thorough comments and gladly do so without compensation.

By identifying problems to fix, polling on social media channels will help you enhance your website and product. For instance, you can use a survey to learn what a client thinks about introducing your new car. As a result, it can be a fantastic tool for gathering comments and other important data that will aid in business improvement.

3.  Live Video

Making a live video is a simple additional option to boost interaction and engagement. Most marketers already have all they require for this in their pockets. You can go live in seconds if you just take your smartphone and open Instagram.

A live video can be a fantastic tool for encouraging social media conversation around the motor show. To ensure that a larger portion of your followers is aware of the time and date of the show, you can promote it before you go live. People love to participate by texting queries or posting comments.

4.  Infographics

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Infographics are the answer if you want to instruct your audience in an entertaining, visually stimulating approach. You may utilize visual aids like graphs, charts, diagrams, and photographs to assist consumers in better comprehending the by creating an infographic about the automobile business.

Additionally, you can include interactive components in your infographic, such as scrolling effects and animations, to improve the user experience. Infographics are shareable and eatable due to the visual component.

5.  Photo Contest

The best marketing format for capturing the attention of your target audience and fostering virality is a photo contest. Create a photo contest that asks participants to share the funniest events they’ve had in their cars with their loved ones or friends. Then, post the photo gallery to your website. Then, you might advise them to upload their photos to social media and ask them to vote for the week’s funniest photo. Adding a prize is entirely up to you.

6.  Personality Test

Personality tests draw people in like magnets because they are one of the most buzz-generating features! This interactive content kind will assist you in classifying your leads into several categories and increase traffic to your page.

7.  Giveaways

Who doesn’t enjoy giveaway competitions where they can win free stuff? Additionally, the response can be top-notch when the giveaway is an automobile or a set of connected accessories. For someone researching it, it must not be easy to ignore. When you pitch the appropriate client at the right moment, the likelihood that they will participate in the contest and spread the word about it to their community is pretty high. These generated leads can be further nurtured to increase conversions.

8.  Invitations

With personalized invites that feature enticements like free tickets, discounts, or priority access to the car show, you can thank current customers and devoted brand aficionados before the auto show. These invitations work exceptionally well for customers who have a limited window of time to make a purchase.

In addition to rewarding their devotion, you can offer opportunities for deeper engagement, longer data collecting, and up-selling or cross-sell at the auto show or dealership with a short, tailored digital invitation.

Bonus Tip: Personalize Your Content

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Customers will respond positively if they receive the stuff they want to view at the proper time. Regardless of whether the content is presented to the client in a video, blog post, or email, they will view it. Relevance is the key. You want to give your clients a unique experience as a business. This will demonstrate to them that you are aware of their difficulties and preferences. Always look to improve things and strive to help them by addressing their problems in your content.


The road to victory was lengthy, but it was undoubtedly the right one. These interactive marketing ideas will get you over the finish line as you use them to power your marketing plan for the auto show. To ensure it’s working correctly for all phases of your audience’s journey, you only need to keep experimenting and having fun with fresh interactive marketing ideas.