Make Instant Cash With A Car Removal Company

You may feel that you do not need to drive an old car, or it is time to let one sitting in your garage go. The good news is that you do not have to struggle with what to do with it, or whether someone will be willing to buy it. The reason is, you can get instant cash with a car removal company. These companies are so well paying it is unbelievable you can earn up to 9,999 dollars.

This is enticing, especially when you urgently need the money or you want to purchase a new car.

Old cars are valuable even when they do not seem so. Making money from an unwanted car has never been easier. All you need is to contact a car removal company and give them the details of the vehicle. With their expertise valuation, they give a quote based on the details. You can get as many quotes as you wish and you don’t need to accept them.

No Point In Repairing An Unserviceable Car

An old car or a car that has been having issues for long is expensive to repair. It gets to a point that maintaining it is more expensive than letting go. Imagine having a car that breaks down every week and you have to spend money on it. It is time-wasting and frustrating. Selling it is never easy but with a car removal company, you do not have to stress about it.

Making instant cash means that when the car is towed away whether they come after 5 or 24 hours, they pay you on the spot. You do not have to chase your payment after they take away the car. They handle the documentation work after assessing the car.

You Do Not Have To Go To The Office

With car removal companies, you don’t need to visit the office. You can call or email them to enquire about selling your car to them. You plan everything and even schedule an appointment for collection.

To get instant cash for an old car, work with a top car removal company. Get to understand the details of selling your car and if you are concerned about how they dispose of it, do not hesitate to ask. Regardless of how soon you need the car towed away, you will still be paid on the spot.

How do Car Removal Companies determine The Price Of A Junk Car?

Getting rid of a junk vehicle can be daunting and messy when you have to do it yourself. This is regardless of the size of the vehicle. It gets worse when the vehicle is totally wrecked and not running.

Car removal companies are there to take care of this mess. They pay you for it and tow it away to their junkyards.

But how do car removal companies determine the price when you sell your junk car for cash? Obviously they don’t pay the same amount for every vehicle.

Year Of Manufacture

According to, this is one detail that the car removal company must ask from you. A car that was manufactured in the year 2005 does not hold the same value now and although it could be running, the value cannot be the same. The older the car is in terms of manufacture, the lower the value.

The Condition Of The Car

The condition of the car such as being totally wrecked, damaged or totaled matters. Although car removal companies buy vehicles in any condition, there is a price difference between when it’s running and when it’s not. A running car will cost more than a dead one. It will save cost on services such as towing because the company will not need a tow truck.

If There Are Valuable Parts In The Car

The car could be junk but it still has some valuable parts. The parts could be used as spare parts in a running car. All they need is some refurbishment and they can be sold as second-hand ones. It could be a part inside the car, a side mirror or a component in the hood of the vehicle. If there are valuable parts in the car, the car removal company will pay more for it than one that doesn’t have any.

Weight Of The Car

It’s alright to be attached to a car that you have been driving for some time. Whether it’s a gift from a special person or you bought it. Years down the line, you are still emotionally attached to the car but it will get to a point when it’s no longer as useful as it was. It could be after an accident or too many repairs that you do not see it necessary to keep it. When you want to do away with it, a car removal company will sort you out.

When Will A Car Removal Company Use Weight To Determine The Value?

Weight should not be used to determine the value of an old or damaged car first. This should never be a first option to any car owner otherwise you will end up losing money. A good company will not even give this as the first option as there others that a car owner will benefit more from.

What They Consider First

The first thing that a reliable company checks to determine the cost of the vehicle is the year of manufacture, the make and the condition. This matters a lot and that is the reason you will hear them asking about this in detail.

When Car Removal Companies Use Weight

The only time that a reliable car removal company uses weight to determine the price of a junk car is when there is nothing else to use. The car does not have any valuable parts, the year of manufacture is decades ago and its condition is badly off. The weight of the steel making the car is what will be weighed and this is what you will be paid.

Car removal companies will use weight to determine the value of your car in some instances but this is always the last option. It’s used when there is nothing else that can be made out of the car. Before a buyer gives you this option, ensure they have thoroughly checked the vehicle and ascertained that steel is the only value that it holds.

How Much Cash is Your Car Worth?

As the car owner, it helps to do a little research on how much the vehicle will cost. Besides the steel, the value of scraps that your car has should help in determining how much it is worth. It’s best when you make informed decisions.

When a car removal company is buying an unwanted vehicle, the price will be determined by several factors. This is the reason they request for details such as the year of manufacture, the make, model and the condition.

It’s advisable that the information you give whether on phone or on email is as accurate as possible. These factors are crucial in determining how much the vehicle is and how much you are going to get. The car will be bought anyway, but it’s good to understand how the price is determined.