Importance of Tenure in Car Loan

Tenure in finance is a term that is used for a time period that is specified for the loan payment by the borrower. Different types of car loans require different tenure and terms. The Edullinen Autolaina, personal and education loan appears to have less tenure than the mortgage one. The tenure of a car loan is in months, whereas the one of a mortgage credit is in years.


Impact On EMI:

Equated monthly installment (EMI) is a term defining a fixed amount of money that a borrower has to pay to the lender every month. If you have decided long term tenure, then you have to pay short EMI. The short term one, like the one of a car loan, requires large EMI to pay. Select such EMI that you can afford to pay to the bank along with managing your monthly expenses. 

 Effect On the Interest Rate:

According to the experts at, if you choose a long tenure for your car allowance payment, then it will also affect the interest rates. The long tenure limit means the increased interest rate. For some loans, you do not have the option of a fixed interest rate. So in these loans, the price that you have to pay each month is changing every month due to the increase in interest rate.

The increase in the interest rate means you have to pay a large amount of money till the end of tenure, which is difficult to afford and manage. This situation can cause a problem and difficulty for you.

Effect On the Total Amount:

The tenure is one of the factors that should be discussed very carefully before signing the car loan. If you are going to take a car loan very first time and you have not taken any before, then you need guidance at first. Do not immediately rush to take a car loan, instead of benefits it will leave you in a problematic situation. 

At first, go for consultation from a bank that is usually free of cost. Discuss all the points and ask your queries in order to solve the confusion. You can also go to the various banks just to take multiple opinions and point of views. 

After getting the facts and information, compare the points of various banks so that you can choose the best suitable one according to your needs and condition. Longer the tenure, the longer will be the total amount.

Negotiation Is the Key:

If you are going to take a car allowance, make a proper plan so that you do not have to face the consequences and problems later on. Discussion and negotiations are the keys to making suitable clauses. Consult with the bank manager about the pros and cons of each clause and term.

Ask about the solutions to manage or lessen the cons. Ask him about the tenure and choose such in which you will be able to pay the amount convenient. Do not burden yourself or risk your credit by keeping a high EMI amount.