The Importance of Rubber Dust Covers for Cars

Rubber dustcovers are often used in automobiles, and the common materials for automobile dust covers are silicone rubber. Jiangsu Hanging Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd. is committed to the production and development of rubber dust cover. Jiangsu Hanging Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd. will take everyone to understand the importance of rubber dust cover for automobiles.   The shape of the rubber dust cover is basically a bellows shape. The rubber dust cover is used to protect the rubber parts of the drive shaft of the car. It can be imagined that the rubber dust cover is very important to the car. The rubber dust cover can quickly adapt to harsh environments, and can still maintain the original compression elasticity at low or high temperatures. It will not cause qualitative changes in the face of dirt, which can keep the car running smoothly in harsh environments. Therefore, rubber dust covers are widely used in automobiles.

The rubber dust cover can protect the car very well, and it is very convenient to use. Jiangsu Hengqiang Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd. is committed to the production and development of rubber dust covers and is constantly pursuing innovation to achieve better results.  The above is the importance of rubber dust cover for automobiles introduced by Jiangsu Hengqiang Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. For more details about the rubber dust cover, please call us for consultation, we are waiting for your arrival.

Outdoor exposure can hurt cars

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It was too hot for the ground to heat up, and the girls went out with sunscreen and opened the doors to sit in their cars. “Ah, it’s hot”-accidentally hit by the car mat and much more available on

It’s just that after a while of parking, the car was very hot

Before the summer came, the car gave me a look. It wasn’t that hot at first, but when I got into the car, it felt even hotter. Turning on the air conditioner and the window again, it took a while for the temperature inside the car to drop. Thinking back to the past summer, the scene where the car was exposed to the sun, I feel that my heart has started to sweat.

100 degrees of high-temperature silent attack, was tortured by the car

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In fact, summer cars are parked outdoors and exposed to the sun. In addition to giving passengers uncomfortable driving experience, exposure to the sun also causes great damage to the car. Cars can reach nearly 100 degrees in the interior under the high temperature and toxic sun exposure. At such high temperatures, spontaneous combustion is also easy to occur. The car has been outdoors for a long time. The weather such as sun, sand, and acid rain is extremely harmful to the vehicle. Exposure will accelerate the aging rate of the vehicle. Therefore, covering the car parked for a long time in the open air can also protect the paint. The jersey also protects against rain and falling objects such as bird droppings.

Wear sunscreen for the car

Sun shield

Aluminum film anti-scratch car cover,

People wear sun umbrellas and sun shirts, and they also need to prepare sunscreen covers for their cars. Regardless of necessity or importance, it is important to choose a suitable sun protection car cover. There are many low-quality jerseys on the market that simply cannot stand the time.

Aluminum foil is a soft metal film with the characteristics of moisture-proof, air-tight, light-shielding, anti-corrosion, fragrance-proof and tasteless. And its elegant silvery luster makes the aluminum foil insulated car clothing more atmospheric and beautiful. It doesn’t look cheap, high-end and has a texture.

This aluminum film anti-scratch thermal insulation jersey has the above advantages;

High-gloss aluminum foil + PE composite layer + spun lace cotton lining three layers in one, After the aluminum foil and the PE waterproof layer, are compounded, the shielding property of the aluminum foil is combined with the strength of the composite layer and the heat sealability of the plastic. Enhances the shielding performance of car clothing against water vapor, air, and sunlight bacteria. Spunlace cotton is lined with a thin and soft lining to protect car paint.

Golden jersey, feel the domineering sense of “golden shirt”

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The principle of sunscreen car clothing is also well understood, that is, reflecting strong light, weakening the sun’s damage to the car. What we can feel directly is that the temperature inside the car is not so high anymore. The data proves that the use of car clothing has a great effect on the sun protection of the car. In fact, in addition to reducing the temperature and reducing the direct sunlight on the car, on the one hand, it can effectively ensure that the car interior is not damaged by light.

An affordable car cover can be used for several years. In addition to environmental protection, rain, sand, dust, frost, heat insulation, cooling, anti-peeping effect. Prevent the aging of leather, instruments and other parts of the car, and extend the car’s service life.

It can also save gasoline ~ Save the wasteful resources of turning on the air conditioner. Save 1.5 yuan for each use, and use it twice a day, you can save 3 * 90 = 270 yuan in one summer while saving your wallet, it also saves energy for the society ~ ”

Sun shield

To avoid the heat of the summer heat, choosing the right place to park is the key. But in today’s big cities, parking spaces are not so easy to find, let alone tree-lined parking spaces. When he accidentally stopped wrong, a ticket came politely. It is not necessary to choose a radiation-proof car cover with aluminum film to keep your car away from the sun and keep yourself away from the “steaming box” in the car.

Take advantage of the sun, buy sunscreen for your car!

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