How to Use Leaf Blower to Clean your Car

If you have a car, you definitely want to keep it clean as much as possible. But, how to do that? There are so many options to clean your car, car vacuums are one of the most popular appliances for that. But, sometimes, especially during the winter, it’s hard to use them outside because of the snow and cold weather.

That’s why a leaf blower is a great option. What you will appreciate about a leaf blower is that it has a built-in lock and this is why you can enjoy a one-handed task for hours together. The benefit of the built-in lock is that it can keep the extension of the cord secure.

Plus, you can look forward to using it because it’s lightweight and ergonomic and you can keep your vehicle clean and tidy.

A leaf blower can be one of the most valuable devices for tidying up your yard and other open air regions. In any case, numerous individuals see even the best leaf blowers as fairly one-dimensional. While they are clearly useful for expelling leaves and different trash from the yard, individuals dither to put cash in an electric or battery controlled leaf blower since they imagine that it’s simply going to sit in the shed or carport the remainder of the year.

For the individuals who have a corded or cordless leaf blower or they are thinking about getting one, there are numerous different situations to which these machines can be applied. This post will see some astonishing ways you can give your leaf blower something to do when there are no leaves. This incorporates cleaning snow from your car, cleaning areas in your car difficult to reach and many more.

How to clean your car with a leaf blower?

Most leaf blowers have a 7-amp motor engine that supplies the highest air velocity. The benefit of the fast air speed is – it cleans everything in front of you fast and efficiently. Also, leaf blowers for your car have airspeed of approximately about 180 MPH. The blower has a nozzle that can expel an air volume of about 180 CFM. The best part is that there are cordless leaf blowers which can be used outside or even inside your garage. However, what you need to keep in mind is that you must have a steady power source if you plan to make use of this blower.

If you have a corded leaf blower, you need to plug-in this blower when using it. Now, what frustrates most users is that if the cord gets plugged out, then it can adversely affect the operation of the blower. The blower has a cord-lock mechanism and this is why you can enjoy a single-handed task for hours together.

Always choose a leaf blower which is lightweight and weighs about four pounds only. You will notice the fact that the blower is comfortable to hold and the design of the handle is also quite impressive.

Using a leaf blower effectively

When you want to clean your car, then make sure that you wear proper equipment. The reason is that you can end up damaging your car with a fast stream of air. If you have to use the leaf blower outside your car, then the best approach will be to select the lowest setting. Most users use both corded and cordless leaf blowers to dry their cars. Sometimes when you wash your car, you accidentally leave water inside and that can cause a lot of problems because water attracts dirt.

Use a leaf blower and turn it on on a lowest setting to slowly but efficiently dry your car after a car wash. According to Leaf Blowers’ Guide website, you can also use electric or battery-powered leaf blowers.

A leaf blower can be a convenient device for wiping out the inside of your vehicle. Simply open the entryways and windows and shoot air into the inside. A leaf blower with a battery can assist with getting the vast majority of the residue out of the inside, and it could even expel debris from areas under the seats.

When snow falls, you can clean it with a leaf blower, but you should utilize the most remarkable blowers you can discover. Regardless of which brand you have, you must use a leaf blower with a powerful engine.

The advantages of utilizing a leaf blower for doing this kind of work start with the way that it is simpler to work than a standard car vacuum. Bigger size of the car vacuum can make it a bit difficult to use. The leaf blower is additionally better than a vacuum since you don’t need to lift vacuum and to plug it in a power source while snow is everywhere.

In any case, you need to know that leaf blowers perform best when neutralizing light layers of snow. You need to remember when handling snow with a leaf blower is that the leaf blower won’t perform well against wet snow. Rather, it is perfect for use against dry snow. Always check the manual before you use a leaf blower for the first time.


Don’t use the leaf blower for a longer period of time. Take a break from time to time. You don’t need the blower to be running for an hour, for example, since it could cause issues with the machine. If you notice any kind of issue with your leaf blower while you clean your car, simply turn it off for ten or twenty minutes. And last, but not the least, we also have one small but important tip. Do not utilize an electric leaf blower to blow snow from your car. You probably know that water and electricity don’t coordinate well. If even a small amount of water gets into the engine, it can cause a circuit and you can get hurt. Don’t ever allow that to happen. Because of that, use a battery-powered leaf blower instead just in case.