How to Sell a Junk Car Quickly

When it comes to buying a car, it is almost always a topic of how to use an old, used car for the purpose of filling a budget and facilitating a new purchase. It is important to be objective when evaluating your own car, to avoid selling your vehicle too long and to get the most out of it. It is very important to know whether these old vehicles are ready for scrap or should be sold to a new owner.

Used cars are a very broad term, often used for a wide variety of types. Most often these are already driven vehicles or those owned by someone else. Whether they have been used for only a month, or old ones that have been driven for a long time, with considerable damage and flaws, all of them are actually used.

When deciding on a new vehicle, think carefully about what you have “in your yard” and whether it is realistic to ask for a certain amount of money for your it  that will cause problems for someone else, or is it a more realistic option to sell it to junkyard. We will help you determine what your automobile is for and sell it as soon as possible.

Objectively consider the advantages and disadvantages

The first step in deciding whether it’s for junk, or whether you would like to be bought by a new owner who will ride it for another period, is to objectively consider all the advantages and disadvantages that it has. The truth is, sometimes people are blinded by the fact that their automobile is in question, and that it can’t be so bad that it’s worth “just” as much as potential buyers offer for it. However, it sometimes happens that the price really is realistic.

Sometimes it is in worse shape than the layout itself shows, so the owner hopes to be able to make some more money than the car would really be worth. This is all right, the vehicle trade looks like this, however, you need to set things right and be objective when it comes to your own. Did it serve you well up to that point, what is the reliability of the car, what is the aesthetics, how much you have invested so far, and not only for the repairs that are necessary, because without them would not be able to work , but everything you put into accessories and tidying up.

Of course, determine what is actually invested for the benefit and what is solely as an essential need. Only when you look at all the disadvantages and advantages, as well as the money invested, you can get a basic insight into how much is really worth, or how realistic the offer is.

Of course, we did not even mention the possibility that the car was damaged – “totalled”, then there really is no need to even think about the possibilities, because hardly anyone would buy it, and repair costs could never pay off to the new owner. Auto junk is the only solution then.

Junkyard can bring you more profit

Before you buy a new car, and after you have realistically assessed the value of your old one, both through invested money and performance, and after offering it to buyers, check how much you can actually get for it by selling it to junk. Since the prices offered by junkyards are sometimes incomparably more than you can get if you sell it to a new owner.

Sometimes the offers offered by buyers are simply too low and sometimes realistic, in any case the prices offered by potential buyers are dictated by: purchaser solvency,  realistic assessment of your car, bargain to lower the price a bit and the desire to buy that particular model.

What is a good thing and a great advantage of selling cars for parts and maybe recycling is the lack of “sentimentality” and personal desires that make it possible to realistically see the value of it waste and recycling purposes, with no need to check performance and capabilities.

Also, if your automobile has been in the garage for a long time, or worse, out of the garage, and if you feel it is not worth it at all to register it and invest more in it to raise the price to the ordinary buyer, thereby offsetting the investment costs and profit from sales, the right solution is to sell a used one to junkyard. They  do not choose a brand nor choose the year of production, it does not matter if the vehicle is registered, and will not try to lower a price, and another benefit,  they come to you to take the car. One of the most reliable coming to your home address  is Rex Cash for junk cars .

What materials can be recycled?

First, the intact reusable parts are removed: the battery, electrical and electronic waste, catalysts, oil filters and lead parts are removed. Oils, antifreeze, fuel and other liquids from vehicles are leaked and placed in special tanks designed for waste liquids. The wheels are removed, the tire is removed and the wheels are compacted. Large plastic parts are detached, glass surfaces are removed.

This is how the waste vehicle is prepared for shipment to the shredder. In the shredder, the waste vehicle is disintegrated, it is compacted, ground by grinding, with the help of water filters and air cyclones, dust is removed from metal and non-metal parts. “Shredded” material is ejected onto the vibrating trough and further onto the conveyor belt. It is a quality raw material for foundries and ironworks.

Handover Procedure

When you bring your vehicle to the recycling center you need to show your ID (owner or authorized person) and your driver’s license.

If it is registered, it is photographed and the owner receives license plates to return to the police. He also receives a handover certificate.

The owner then goes to the police and checks out the vehicle.

If the automobile has already been checked out, it is necessary to provide an ID card, a driver’s license and a confirmation from the police that the car has been checked out.


We hope we have also reminded you of this opportunity so that you do not have to sell it to someone below the price. This is often the best way and also very “green”.