How to Sell a Damaged Car: The Complete Guide

Attempting to sell Damaged Cars can be an expensive and tedious experience for even the perceptive individual. There is an amazing number of situations that may make somebody search for choices to get sell their Damaged or broken car.

From floods, fire and hail to disastrous mishaps – our beloved vehicles are regularly the casualty of extraordinary conditions and are left to ponder on the grounds that our choices appear to be restricted. Well, don’t stress friends because there is an astonishing chance to sell your damaged or broken car – that pays you real money, on the spot!

Because your damaged car is finished working for you, does not imply that there is not an approach to transform your car into money. Regardless of whether you think your car is a bit of garbage – your car has value!


It’s loaded with important parts and segments that legitimate organizations will pay you money for! Indeed, even the most beat up or damaged vehicles are loaded with significant metals and parts that be reused or recycled into numerous different employments. From aluminum to copper – power steering pumps to control arms, a vehicle is a fortune trove of significant worth to those that know.

In the United States, there are about 6 million car accidents each year. That means each year there are millions of damaged cars due to accidents and other factors.

If you’re the owner of a damaged car, your only option might be to keep it or sell it.

Since most of us need a functioning vehicle, many have to replace the damaged car. While selling a damaged car might seem complicated, it’s not impossible.

Read on to learn how to sell a damaged car.

1. Evaluate the Damage to the Vehicle


Before you start looking for a buyer for your damaged vehicle, the first thing you need to do is determine the damage of the vehicle. The car might have more damage than what is visible, which can affect the value of the vehicle.

Take the car to a mechanic to check the damage of the vehicle. Evaluating the damage will help you decide how to sell it and set realistic expectations.

2. Make the Repairs


Depending on the verdict, sometimes, the damage is not so extensive. You might be able to get more money for your vehicle if you make a simple repair. Thoroughly clean and wash it before showing it to potential private buyers.

Make sure if you make the repairs on the vehicle, you can get the money you invested in the repairs back when you sell it. Otherwise, repairing the vehicle will not be worth it.

3. Checking Online For Buyers


When you are searching for potential buyers, it is valuable to look on the web. You would prefer not to limit the pursuit down to simply the nearby buyers. Sometimes you can get a better deal selling online. You should consider checking online buyers while selling your damaged car.

4. Find a Buyer to Sell As-Is


If you decided not to make the repairs on the damaged vehicle, you could sell it as is. Many experienced buyers will purchase damaged vehicles and make the repairs themselves. This is also a good deal because you do not have to spend a single penny on the damaged vehicle.

However, it is essential to be transparent and upfront with the seller regarding the damage of the vehicle. The buyer could also request documentation and receipts. Some car dealerships will buy damaged vehicles and sell them at an auction.

Sellers also have the advantage of the internet when looking for a buyer for their car.

5. Sell the Car as Scrap


The other option is to sell your damaged car as scrap. If the vehicle is no longer driveable and you cannot secure a buyer willing to buy it, scrapping the car is the best solution. It is important to note that these places will not pay you according to the actual value of the vehicle they will pay you according to the weight of the scrap metal. If you intend to sell some parts of the damaged car on their own, you should take them out of the car and leave only the metallic parts. Since some vehicle parts are expensive, you might be able to get a decent amount for the parts in good condition.

If you decide to scrap your vehicle, make sure you take out any parts you wish to keep, such as rims. Do not forget to remove your personal items as well.

6. Sell to an Individual Buyer


If you do not like the idea of selling your car to a dealer or a scrap yard, you can choose to sell it to an individual buyer. You should not expect the best prices for your car from the individual buyer since he is still going to sell it to a final buyer.

7. Gather all the Necessary Documents


Before handing the keys to the buyer, you will have to show proof of ownership of the damaged vehicle.

Without this documentation, no serious buyer will purchase the car to ensure you have everything in order, such as registration, the title of ownership, and other relevant documentation. You need to gather all the necessary documents if you want to sell your damaged car.

How to Sell a Damaged Car by Following These Steps

Now that you have the knowledge about selling a damaged car, it is time you put it to good use. Remember to check the damage on the vehicle. After the assessment, you can decide if you repair it, sell as-is, or junk the car.

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