How To Remove GPS Tracker From Car [5 Easy Steps]

GPS trackers have come to be associated with safety and efficiency. These trackers, whether for corporate or personal use, have made it simpler to keep our valuables and loved ones safe.

The placement of GPS tracking devices in physical assets is a simple and easy-to-use method for asset tracking. It assists in lowering risk and protecting the asset from abuse and theft. The GPS application is best suited for portable or mobile assets. It can be installed in vehicles to track groups of fleets and individuals, monitor driving performance and unsafe practices, and take proactive actions to save time and money.

However, there are times when you may need to remove a GPS tracker from your car. Read on to learn more about GPS trackers and how to remove one from your car.

What Are GPS Trackers for Cars?


Car GPS trackers are devices that utilize satellite navigation data to deliver real-time information on the location, speed, direction, and distance of your vehicle. The benefits of personal car tracking include theft prevention, improved young driving safety, and insurance reductions.

Reason For Removing GPS Trackers from Car

There can be various reasons for removing a GPS tracker from a car. Some such reasons include:

  • You are planning to replace the device with a more sophisticated model.
  • You might have to fix it in another car.
  • The device has stopped working and you need to fix it.
  • There may be times when you need to remove it because others have stealthily attached it to your car with the goal of spying.

In the first three examples, you already know what sort of tracker you’re looking for and where to locate it. If you are a victim of unlawful tracking, you may need to search every nook and cranny. If you can’t find it, we recommend seeking professional assistance.

Easy-to-Follow Steps to Remove GPS Trackers from Cars


A GPS tracker for a car can be placed discreetly with no obvious sign or visibility, and the owner is unaware of its precise location. He or she may be concerned about the device’s presence and wish to have it removed from the asset.

Here are the simple steps that a user can take to identify, locate, and remove the tracker from their vehicle:

Perform a visual check

GPS devices are fitted using magnets to secure them in certain secret spots inside or outside the automobile. To determine its exact location, a comprehensive visual check inside and outside is required. These are often installed in regions that are not routinely reviewed.

It may be mounted both inside and outside the car. Outdoor areas include below the automobile, at the front and rear bumpers, and the chassis. behind the automobile, common placements include the dashboard, the speaker compartment, behind the seats, and behind the seat cushion. With a thorough investigation of such likely sites, the device can be easily identified.

Use a GPS tracker detector

Real-time GPS tracking devices provide data through cellular networks, and those signals can be detected by a GPS tracker. You can also get a GPS tracker detector thanks to this and check the interior and exterior of the target car. You will be notified immediately if a GPS device is tracking the car, by the tracker detector.

It is crucial to remember, however, that live GPS trackers are equipped with motion sensors that will put the car monitoring device to sleep once a vehicle has been parked for 2-3 minutes. That implies you should scan the car with the detecting equipment as soon as you park it.

Find the tracker

Many tracking devices require an OBD2 connector to be linked inside the vehicle. The location of various ODB2 ports in the car may vary depending on the make and model. As a result, it is easier to go through the specifications offered by the automotive manufacturer, which offers a notion of the various placements of the aforementioned port.

You will be able to identify the device installed in your automobile after inspecting each of these areas thoroughly. Some tracking gadgets are intended to operate on vehicle power thus they are installed via a wire-connected system that is easily detected.

Remove the GPS tracker

Removing the GPS in your car is simple if the gadget is portable, but if the GPS tracker was placed using a black and red cable to draw power from the vehicle’s 12-volt system, you may consider hiring a professional installation. Wires attached to the GPS tracker must be correctly cut/removed to avoid causing electrical difficulties with your car.

That means that in an attempt to disable the GPS, you can’t start cutting random cables and covering them with electrical tape. Please call a professional for safe removal if the item put on the car is connected to the vehicle.

Check the tracker to identify the installer

After you’ve removed the device from the car, the last thing you’ll want to do is try to figure out who made the tracker and, ideally, who bought it. GPS tracking data is stored by GPS firms, and accounts are generated based on the serial number of each tracker.

So, if you know who the manufacturer is, you may contact them, offer the serial number, and ask for the identity of the person who bought the tracker. Finding this information might be as simple as searching for automobile tracking devices on Amazon.



GPS tracking technologies are often installed and removed from physical assets these days. Various businesses, government agencies, and individuals take advantage of this technology to safeguard their precious goods and track the user’s movements. Various firms offer technical help and assistance in this respect to satisfy the individual demands of their customers. Customers searching for GPS solutions may include fleet management corporations, individual car owners, law enforcement agencies, or automotive manufacturers. These gadgets are quite popular among clients due to their ease of installation and user-friendliness.

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