Car Fabric & Leather Protection: How to Protect Your Car Inside and Out

Among all parts of the vehicle, the car’s interior is more prone to dirt and damage since this is where people spend more time. Thankfully with the help of leather protection, you can maintain and protect your investment while assuring your health safety at the same time. So if you are wondering what benefits you can get, what are the best car leather protection you can find in the market, the different types of interior cleaner and the car leather protection packages prices, then this guide is for you. It provides you all the information and answers that you are looking for, so just keep on reading!

Benefits of Interior Protection

Most people are unsure about the importance of car interior protection, some say it just adds up as an expense and a waste of money. Others also believe that it is not necessary. In contrast, It is actually the opposite, there are a lot of benefits that you can get from car interior protection and below are the following.

Preserve the leather & fabric interior

John from tells us by cleaning your car seat and interior regularly, you can keep it’s leather and fabric from its original and best condition. Also, it prevents the surface from fading, damage, cracks and discoloration. Thus in a long run, it can save you more money because there’s no need for you to change the car seat regularly.

Save money

Dirt, spilled substance, UV light can cause damage to your vehicle. In just a small amount, it can lead to permanent damage which can cost you more. Additionally, once a specific part of your seat leather is damaged, it will then require you to change the entire interior which adds up to your problem. So why spend more money, if you can avoid it. Thus, this is where the importance of car interior protection takes place.

Prevent health issues

The inside of your vehicle serve as a close environment while you’re driving or travelling. This is where you seat, relax or even sleep if you are on a long-distance drive. Thus, it is important to make sure it’s clean to avoid any circulation of germs, dust, or any particles that may cause allergies or other health-related problems.

Ease while driving

Keeping your car’s interior clean and well-maintained does not just give you a good looking interior but it also gives peace of mind that is good especially while you are driving. This can give a much safer trip and can avoid any accident. Thus, this is where the ease benefit comes into place. Having a comfortable drive and trip matters most, thus you should consider first before availing any luxury services or product for your vehicle.

Best Car Leather Protection Service You can Find in the Market

With the growing number of vehicles around the world, the number of detailing shops and companies also increases. Furthermore, most of these companies offer leather protection service. Thus, it is really a challenge for you to find the best leather protection service that is worth your time and money. To help you out below are some of the best leather protection packages you can avail in the market.

Economy Auto Detailing – In this package, the car seat is not the only part that will be cleaned. Instead it includes the carpet, upholstery, dashboard, floor mats and the high touch areas such as knobs, switches and more. Plus, it cleans the outside and inside of your car’s window. Most of the detailers will clean the surfaces by using compressed air, fine brushes, soft cloths and specially formulated cleaners.

Price Range: $100 – $150

Premium Auto Detailing – Detailer created this package as an upgrade of the Economy auto detailing. Majority of the services are the same but it adds a premium wax application service. This is a process where a wax is applied to the car seat surface to clean and protect the leather of the interior.

Price Range: $200 – $250

Ultimate Auto DetailingAnother package upgrade, for this package, additional supreme wax application and polish application are added to achieve maximum results. The polish and wax that is used will depend on the shop. Some of them use the most popular wax and cleaner conditioner that are offered in the market today.

Price Range: $250 – $300

Types of Car Interior Cleaner

Spray – for car interior cleaner, this is the most commonly used. This is handy and easy to use especially in cleaning the different areas inside such as the dashboard, knobs, doors, window and many more.

Wax – This list will not be complete without the wax. This serves as a leather balm or leather cleaner that specifically clean, condition and protect your leather. Some high-end wax provides UV protection that avoids the leather from fading, cracking and damaging.

Dust RepellentThis cleaner is commonly used in the dashboard, door, knobs and other most touch areas to remove and avoid the dust.

Wipes – like the spray wipes also a necessity cleaner for the car’s interior. This will come together with the spray. It wipes up all the dirt that you can get from the spray. Interior wipes help you reach all the nooks and crannies inside the car and give them a thorough cleaning

Conditioners – Similarly with wax, conditioner also provides extra protection to the leather. This protection will last longer compared to wax. Leather conditioner is a product designed to be easily absorbed by leather so that the fibres can be nourished and their natural flexibility restored.

There are a lot of best car leather protection products that you can find in the market.


In protecting your car interior and exterior, choosing the right service and product to use is the most important decision you will make. You have to make sure that the product you will be using will last longer and has a better result. With the benefits listed above it clearly shows that cleaning the interior and exterior of the car is not a luxury; it’s a necessity.