How to Properly Compose A Car Sales Listing

When you are composing a car sales listing, you need to be careful. Of course, a potential customer must like what he sees, and your car sales listing must consist of all of the information that is important for your car. You need to be modest, talking big about your car can be somewhat dubious for a potential customer. He or she can have some thoughts about your sales listing being a scam or that you are overexaggerating the qualities of your car.


Just think about how many times you read a car sales listing that was written like that? Surely, a lot of times. Probably the things that are irritating the most are phrases like “not a scratch on it”, “it was in a garage all the time”, etc. Most of the time, when you arrive to see that car, you see that the case with that vehicle is totally different for what you have seen in the sales listing.

After you acquire a certain vehicle, you must think about your chances to sell it one day, and being in the position to create your own car sales listing. If you want to compose a proper one, you need to follow a set of rules that will help you. This is why we are here. We are going to give you some hints on how to make a proper one that will surely help you in selling your car in the future.

All the Information About the Car Must be Correct


Maybe to some people, this part will be dubious, but we are only talking about what we have seen in our experience. Too many people are making so banal mistakes. You need to make sure that all the information about your car is correct. Avoiding banal mistakes will only bring you good. We need to mention that those mistakes that are made often, are usually unintentional. Also, dropdown menus are a source of many misunderstandings, be sure to check them before publishing.

Also, it is of utmost importance to give a proper description of your automobile. What`s that mean? It means that you need to mention all the things that would catch an eye of your potential customer. Not describing these can be the source of misunderstanding, even breaking the trust between two parties. There is no reason you should like and involving yourself in unpleasant situations that can bring only bad things between you and potential buyer.

Hiding Your Plates

You don`t need to be an expert in design to blur the plates on the picture of your car. You just need to open your picture in a Pain, and few mice click later, you will have a proper blur of the plates. We highly recommend that you do this.

Service Book

If you are selling an old vehicle, and you have a service book that consists of only three small services of the automobile, that can surely break the trust you have established with your potential buyer. There is not any need for that, really. Of course, finding an old car with the original service book is almost an impossible mission.

The Location Where You Took the Picture Must Be A Proper One


Of course, when you are taking a picture of your car which you would upload on certain websites, you need to make sure that it has a proper background. Taking a picture with a muddy ground or a street filled with garbage will give you only minuses in potential customer`s book. When it comes to these pictures, you need to make sure that the car is in the center of attention. That means nothing else needs to be more important than the car itself.

Photographs and Their Quality


Pictures that you are going to upload must come from various angles. That way you will give potential customer more options to see your car. It would be good for you to take the picture of things that you are most proud of about your car, like, for example, proper leather seats. Also, displaying some damages on your car will show your customer that you don’t have anything to hide, and that way you will build trust. The pictures need to have a certain type of quality.

Turning on a Caps Look

Composing a car sales listing with your caps look turned on is a bad choice. On the internet, when someone is writing like that it usually means that he is shouting. Most of the people are considering it unpleasant, so they will avoid your car sales listing.