How To Choose The Right Size Of Rubber Grommets?

When speaking of rubber grommets, the impression is that they’re simply taken for granted. We usually do not appreciate them enough. That is until they drop or went missing. Did it ever occur to you that things like cars couldn’t function without them? A typical car is using over a hundred rubber grommets.

In auto-industry, grommets are almost essential parts. There are various types such as a seal-type, etc. They are made of rubber and other materials ( like nylon). These rubber grommets have a multitude of applications. Speaking of vehicles, grommets are mostly used to protect cables, wires, and lines from chafing or damaging on rough surfaces. They are used to minimize vibrations, as well as sealing in various under-the-hood applications.

How To Buy Propper Grommets?

Let’s begin with Open Grommets. They have three dimensions: A, B, and C. Dimension A refer to the panel hole or a place where the grommet fits into. B dimension refers to the thickness of the material where the hole was made. Finally, dimension C refers to the size of the grommet hole. In most cases, C dimension is the least important, because the grommet function is usually cable protection. However…there are also D and E dimensions. They are called non-critical dimensions that are commensurable to the grommet size. You must be aware of the difference between A and C dimensions.  As the difference between them is greater the firmer the grommet will be. That may be way more difficult to install.  For more information about grommet sizes, click here.

Next,  there is the question of color. The standard color is usually black, but you can also find white grommets.

The Purpose Of Grommets

Foremost, the purpose is to protect cables and wires. Therefore, grommets are in fact a kind of isolation. This is of particular importance for use in cars and motorcycles. Without the use of rubber grommets, contact can occur between the wires and some rough surfaces. This causes friction and possible sparks. Rubber grommets can be divided into a few categories:

Edge grommets

They are provided in the form of a continuous strip. They can be manufactured in various lengths and sizes. Their main role is to protect lines and cable that comes near the edges of rough surfaces.

Rubber cable grommets

They are used for the protection of cables and lines running through holes cut into metal or plastic. The shape of the grommet is modified in such a way to keep it steadily in place once it’s inserted.

Strain relief grommets

These grommets are made out of rubber or plastic. They are designed to grip the cable that is passing through them. Therefore, they’re relieving the cable of pressures caused by twisting, flexing, or pulling.

Sleeved grommets

These are made with a sharpen flexible sleeve. That sleeve allows the cables to flex. Therefore, the fracture of the cable isolation is prevented.

If you don’t know much about the rubber grommets and their appliance, we always advise you to seek professional help and services.