How to choose an awning shelter for cars

Awning car shelter provides the client with many advantages compared to “shells”, which have long been outdated both morally and functionally. Firstly, there is a huge choice that allows everyone to choose exactly what is suitable for his car. Secondly, the obvious advantage is the large volume and ease of use. That is what made these shelters so popular.

What is an awning Shelter for a Car?

What is an awning shelter for cars? What is different from an ordinary garage?

The most important difference from the garage is a non-capital structure. No foundation, no floor. It is based on a frame made of metal or aluminum, sheathed outside with a non-permeable precipitation material – or a galvanized corrugated flooring (very popular because it allows you to turn anywhere), or plastic, canvas or three-layer polymer fabric (less common, used as a rule, for temporary shelter of the car from the weather in a parking lot, summer house or near the house if there is no garage).

Awning shelter with a women coating is easily mounted using special clips, does not require the application of too much effort, so even a woman can easily cope with the assembly. Moreover, such an awning is easier to assemble and move to another place.

When plating galvanized corrugated sheets are used, which provide additional rigidity and stability of the structure.

In such a construction, the ceiling and three solid walls are closed, and one has hinged doors. There is no floor, so for installation, it is recommended to choose a flat surface that will provide stability and prevent the structure from turning over from a strong gust of wind. Concrete or asphalt can be used. A metal awning shelter requires installation or welding skills, as it is assembled with the help of bolts (collapsible) or with overlapping welds (non-collapsible). To transfer to another place a welded metal awning shelter requires the involvement of special equipment – a truck crane for loading and unloading, a trailer – for transportation. The collapsible will take much less time to transport – it is enough to disassemble, put in an affordable transport (after all, the weight is heavy and the dimensions are large – depending on the size of the profiled sheet).

How to choose a Metal awning Shelter for Cars?

What should pay attention to when buying? An important factor is the ergonomics and quality of materials. Metal awnings are made of galvanized material that endures all the vagaries of nature: snow, rain and temperature changes. You can check the reviews on best carport kit before buying and the best carport kit reviews can only be got at

There are models, both with the car and with a lifting gate. Undoubtedly, each of them has both disadvantages and advantages, which will be discussed below.

The biggest advantage of the lifting gates is that there is no need to worry about clearing the snow in front of the garage, getting rid of ice, or uneven ground before the shelter, which can make it difficult to open and close the swing gates. Also, do not need to be afraid that the door leaves will damage the car body at the exit if you forget to fix them.

Awning shelter for cars with swing gates is a better choice for people who do not have the great physical strength or have any restrictions. For example, to close the lifting gates, you need to reach the handle, which is very difficult for short people and to open them, you need to make considerable efforts to activate the counterweight mechanism.

In any case, the companies manufacturing the tent of the shelter made sure to take into account all the possible wishes of the customers, therefore they present a huge selection of models on the market. After reviewing their characteristics and determining for yourself what advantages you need, you can safely make a purchase.

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