How to change your Car Look using car Stickers

Car stickers can be used to add the appearance of your car and make it more attractive. Stickers and decals can be used for different purposes, such as advertisement and political reasons. The main aim is to pass a message while at the same time, making your car have a stunning look at the stickers are well designed.

Several car dealers sell stickers which can be used to enhance the design of your car. Using car stickers can help you change the appearance and make it attractive. The process of putting or changing a sticker on your vehicle may be quite complicated, but there are specific procedures that need to be followed in order to attain perfect installation.

Steps to follow when adding a sticker to your car

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• Begin by cleaning the surface where you want to install your sticker. The area should be cleaned thoroughly because if you install a decal on a dirty surface, it can easily come out with time. To clean the vehicle, you can use soap and water or alcohol and water to remove dirt from the surface. However, the user should not use glass cleaning products as this might leave some traces on the surface.
• Identify the location where you are going to install your sticker. Some of the options to consider here could be the windows, bumper, exterior, or interior surfaces that will give it a stunning look. The user may also prefer installing the sticker on the car tires, which will be visible as the car moves. The user may consider using new tires before installing stickers.
• Remove the backing film from the decal. The paper used to seal stickers should be pulled slowly and ensure that it does not touch on any surface until you have installed.
• Establish the graphic as needed. At this point, you are required to place at least one side of the decal down and in the correct manner. Pull it slowly until all the backing has been installed successfully on the car area you intended and do sticker printing at that place.
• Trim across the sticker to remove any obstructions. After applying the sticker on the car area trim around it using a razor blasé to remove any possible obstructions.
How to remove an old car sticker and replace it
• Once again, as stated during the installation process, you are required to clean the area surrounding your sticker using soap, water, grime, crumbs, dirt and other stains make your car look of low value. The ugliest cars can be made great again by cleaning them thoroughly
• Warm it using a hairdryer as this will help to weaken the adhesive in the back of your sticker which will make it pull out easily.
• Use a scraper to scrap under the sticker once warming is complete. Use the razor blade to peel it off slowly by slowly so as not to damage your car.
• You may also use glue products to remove the sticky.
• Finish the process by washing the area with water to remove dirt. Dry it and wax the area for surface protection.
• Give it some time and finally install a new car sticker of your choice.

Other important things that need to be considered when improving your car

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  • Clean the engine of your car
  • Most of the car owners focus on the exterior parts of their cars and forget the interior parts which are so crucial. A clean engine will take your vehicle to extra miles and give you an awesome experience. You should consider the key steps followed when cleaning the engine or call an expert to avoid damage of essential parts in your engine.
  • Replace your car dents or fix them
  • Dents make the appearance of your car look dirty and awkward; hence, it is important to replace them.
  • Wax your vehicle
  • Waxing makes your car to have a good shine but at the same time helps in the removal of scratches and other marks. It prevents your four-wheeler from rust, scratches, and fading.
  • Paint your car again.
  • Before installation of new stickers, you may consider painting your car first. Look for the appropriate color and ask an expert to do a painting for your vehicle.
  • Add new headlights and tail lights.
  • If your car has become old, it will be important for you to add new lights. Low-quality headlights will definitely make your car look old.
  • You can also try to print your own design using a local print shop. You can try Print In London, a London based Printer who offer all kinds of stickers.
  • Get a new set of headlights and taillights and do a major replacement. This will improve the look and appearance of your car.
  • Buy new accessories for your vehicle. You may consider buying a new steering wheel, light covers, gear shift knob, and other available accessories in the store. Adding this will make your car look great, especially once you add a car sticker of your choice.
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