How to advertise your car event

Small businesses can still thrive in their sales, even if they have larger companies as competitors. In this article, you will be able to read about the ideas that you can implement in order to advertise your car event, boost sales, and achieve your sales goals.

Here are some automotive marketing ideas for you:

1. Hire an expert to improve your digital marketing

When people start searching for an auto dealer or mechanic, social media is the first place they will start their search. People do not often trust the auto industry, so the first thing they will want to do is read about the previous experience people had with a specific service or product. Maintaining an interactive and positive profile on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can build trust and a good reputation for your company. These platforms will also allow you to create events, and they offer you the means to boost your event so that it can reach more people. By hiring a professional, they will offer you website design, display advertising, SEO optimization, as well as digital listing management, and other services that will enhance your online presence.


2. Give out pre-loaded gifts cards for service discounts

There are various marketing companies that will send plastic gift cards that work and look exactly like what the customer would like to buy. This is a new and interesting twist on the $25 off coupons. Of course, like every other gift card, those without a minimum purchase amount are the best, since it makes it a perfect gift. The card that you will be mailing should highlight what it offers, so you could write something like: “Why pay the $39 for oil when you can use this gift card and pay only $14?”

3. Post “How-to” videos to YouTube and social media to build awareness

You should create videos for all 4 stages of the buying cycle. Those four stages are awareness, interest, intent, and purchase. Hence, if you, for example, post “how-to” videos, you will be able to educate the buyers and build awareness, which is the first stage. For the interest stage, you could create content that will show why your car dealership is different and better than other companies. When it comes to intent, you can talk about specific brands, models, and makes, since this will help the buyer choose a car. And, for the last stage, which is the purchase, make videos that will welcome the buyer to the dealership.

4. Create an event to showcase on-site car care clinics

Business is all about building relationships and trust with your customers. In order to introduce your company to potential clients, as well as keep the relationship with old ones, you could host on-site car clinics which would demonstrate proper care, prevention tips, maintenance, and so on. Also, by inviting vendors and businesses representatives that are connected to your businesses, such as insurance, car painting, and travel companies you will be able to build up your reputation even more. You will be building trust with your clients by being helpful. Do not forget that the overall look of the event is important, you should add some chairs, snacks, non-alcoholic drinks, BSDisplays, and pamphlets that your customers can take home.


5. Create your own, specific slogan

If asked about the car dealership slogan, most of us will probably be able to recite one slogan. These slogans become quite famous since they are often catchy, hence, it will stick with a lot of people for a long time. They are popular with car dealerships since they are one of the most popular and powerful forms of brand building. Slogans are not only for used car dealers, but they also work for new car dealerships, high-end dealers, and preowned dealers as well. Woobound has detailed how to write advertising slogans for auto events.


By implementing these strategies, you will be able to advertise your car event in an efficient, quick, and effective way.