How much does it cost to repair Spark Plugs?

During your car maintenance day, for sure, it will show if your spark plugs need replacement or not. It is crucial to know if replacement is required to avoid further damage to your engine and the totality of the car precisely.

Superficial damage in your spark plugs results in more injuries that will surely cost you a fortune. So it is better to avoid it by replacing them the moment you see or notice those minor damages. If you want more proof of how spark plugs affect the engines, you can always visit

In this write-up, let us look at how much it will cost you to replace and repair your spark plugs.

DIY vs. a Mechanic: Cost breakdown

There are two things as an option when replacing your spark plugs. It is either you change it your own or ask for a mechanic’s help.

If you are a car enthusiast, car maintenance is just an easy thing for you. Simple repairs and changing of tires will not be a problem at all. In that sense, all you have to do s gather all the parts and tools needed to start your spark plug replacement activity.

Here are some of the spark plugs brands, where you can get them, and how much they cost. Just choose which suits perfectly with your car’s engine.

With Mechanic’s Help

Your Mechanic

Your Mechanic is an on-call repair service in the whole state. So if you need them, all you have to do is make a phone call, and they will arrive at your garage. What is terrific about Your Mechanic is that they have a 12-month warranty on their repair. Plus, all the parts and labor are already included in their fee. Depending on the damage, the price starts at $65 to $189.


Midas has been in service for over 60 years already. They have been catering to many clients in their shops, almost at every corner of every state. You can request an appointment and book an appointment to avoid squeezing into a regular day. Same as your Mechanic, they offer a 12-month warranty on their service, and all parts and labor are covered in the fee they are collecting. They are just costly than Your Mechanic; their prices start at $87 up to $245.

Mr. Tire

More people like it here in Mr. Tre because it offers promos and discounts on their services. Plus, they also provide same-day appointments. They also have a 12-month warranty, and their fees only range from $55 to $269.

DIY Department

Pep Boys

Here they only offer parts. However, their parts have a guaranteed six-month warranty. Furthermore, it cost around $16 to $108, depending on the brand of the spark plug.


Of course, Walmart has it all. You can buy a spark plug here with a cost of $32 to $98, depending on the brand. As you all know, the warranty here is mainly limited to what the store warranty policy only.


Now that everything turns digital, so has the car parts supply. But, of course, the warranty is limited too, and the price is at $18 to $167 only.

Now that you have the idea of how much you will spend on a spark plug replacement, choose wisely. You should consider your time, expertise, and knowledge in repairs and the tools you have at home.

The time you need to change spark plugs

You don’t just replace those spark plugs when you want them removed; it has to be at a perfect time. Check out the following indications in changing your spark plugs.

Misfiring engines

If this happens, you will notice a light in your engine light. It indicates that there is a fuel that is not completely burned. If left unattended, it will result in more mechanical and engine problems, performance deterioration, carbon deposits will start to accumulate in the spark plug, and strange engine sounds that go on and off.

The fuel economy is on the brink of more problems

You will notice this happening in your engine if your car consumes more fuel than usual. This is because faulty spark plugs also result in black smoke as it sends the debris and dust from the spark plugs. Thus they are included when the fuel is being burned.

Backfiring of the engine

This is a result of an inaccurate balance between air ratio and fuel. The on exploding is the unburned fuel particles.

Engine knock

This is by far considered the worst-case scenario for every car engine failure. If you leave these unrepaired, it will result in the following:

  • Perforation of the piston heads
  • Damaged piston compression rings
  • Perforated cylinder chamber
  • Melted cylinder head valves
  • Contamination of lubrication system

Lesser acceleration power

It is estimated that you will lose an estimated 40 percent acceleration if you have your spark plugs damaged.

Hard time starting the engine

Spark plugs start up the engines. So if they have a problem, then technically, there will be a problem starting it instantly.

Our Recommended spark plugs

There is a lot in the market, and you will be overwhelmed with your choices. In that sense, weigh out your budget first. Then check the brand that is most suited to your engine. Usually, the best spark plugs are iridium or platinum instead of choosing the standard spark plugs. This is because the iridium and platinum spark plugs produce more unexpected sparks, thus faster engine start.


Your spark plug is the heart of the whole engine. With it, it will not run to its best. So make sure that you keep its condition at a peak. If you take care of it, it will take care of you as well. Who does not want a longer-lasting engine? And we can all successfully attain this if we take care of our spark plugs with good care.

If you have some experiences with spark plugs that are not the usual, share them with the group to create a community of engine-loving people.