How Is Fault Determined in Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents are far more distinct than easy car accidents. They are more difficult, more high-dollar, and normally more grievous. This as well creates determining fault in these inauspicious events a lot more difficult, as a lot of entities must be counted.

Realising how fault is checked in truck accidents could facilitate drivers, truck companies, and producers keep them in the future. As trucking is a significant industry in a lot of states, checking faults is a process that cannot be understated.

All the same, checking liability in truck accident cases is not as direct as it may first appear. Contrary to a simple traffic accident, many participants are involved, including the driver, the possessor of the truck, the entity that hired the truck from the possessor, and a lot of other people.

Woefully, due to the absolute size and weight unit variant between commercialised trucks and passenger vehicles, these fortunes are frequently fatal. As an 80,000-pound commercialised big carriage hits a 3,000-pound passenger vehicle, the consequences can be disastrous. Commercialised accident victims and their homes require an experienced and merciful truckage accident lawyer on their side from the actual beginning. Your lawyer can save your rights throughout the judicial procedure, disregardless of how serious the chance event and injuries might be.

According to KreegerLaw, if you fall out to get involved in a truck accident in California, it is all important to get a consultation regarding your injury case as shortly as possible because there is a 2-year statute of restrictions on trucking accidents in the country.

Determining fault in truck accidents:

Truck accidents usually require thorough investigation involving the local police, their counterparts at the state level, and, depending on the situation, the National Transportation Safety Board. Accidents involving large and heavy vehicles usually result in more extensive property damage and loss of life. Furthermore, authorities need to understand the cause of the accident and find ways to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

The incident is conducted as soon as the local cops arrive. After gathering visual evidence such as photos or videos of the scene and taking eyewitness testimonies, the police generate a police report. This document summarises their findings based on available information plus their professional insight and recommendation.

Also, trucking and insurance companies with a stake in the involved vehicle can conduct their independent investigation. However, this is more concerned with understanding their respective liabilities and the financial impact of the accident.

In a legal context, determining who’s at fault is founded on negligence. This refers to a concerned party’s failure to exercise their duty of care that led to the accident happening. Everyone who neglected their responsibility will be liable for the accident to a certain extent. Identifying the cause of the accident and who’s at fault could also form the basis of injury lawsuits.

Who could be at fault in a truck accident?

Truck driving is a highly professional task. However, the driver is not solely at fault should something happen. This is why a thorough investigation is necessary to identify other factors at play that could’ve caused the accident. Parties usually responsible include the following:

  • Truck Driver: The most common reason remains the driver, owing to many factors. They might be driving beyond their physical capability or the speed limits set. Other common elements include recklessness, driving under the influence, tailgating, and distracted driving.
  • Trucking Company: This very company that possesses the truck and employs the driver is responsible for setting realistic and safe working conditions. This includes setting work hours and driving schedules and budgetary provisions for the maintenance.
  • Loading/ Cargo Company: Some cargo companies overload trucks to save on transportation costs. Even so, not only is it illegal, but it is also dangerous. Additionally, loading up on the truck requires specific safety precautions, such as holding cargo in place and balancing them on the truck bed.
  • Truck Manufacturer: If there are inherent design flaws or specifications marketed but not met in actual applications, the truck manufacturer may also face liabilities.
  • Truck Maintenance Company: Most trucking companies usually outsource maintenance to third-party service providers. They might be liable if a part or mechanism was overlooked during the maintenance process that contributed to the accident.
  • The Other Driver: While truck drivers are primarily behind truck accidents, you still can’t rule out the possibility of the car driver being the one at fault.

Driver error remains the top factor in these accidents, being ten times more likely to cause a truck accident than any other factor, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA. Their study cited four main areas of driver error:

  • Nonperformance: The driver was not able to do their duty. It might be made by dozing off or being depicted unable by an abrupt attack (raptus, stroke, or heart attack).
  • Recognition: Failure to realise or evaluate the environment. It is generally caused by distracted driving, either within or outside the vehicle.
  • Decision: false call or decision although driving. It may be because of going too fast to create an exact judgement or a fault in calculating the speed and place of other vehicles on the road.
  • Performance: Performance-based elements specified as lack of mind, panicking, over or under compensating, or just poor guiding control across the vehicle.

These 4 factors make up 87 pct of all truck accidents imputed to the driver. Only one-tenth was derived to the vehicle itself and just three pct to the environment.


A certain fault in a truck accident is never a direct matter. Although statistical information would usually direct to the driver one way or the other, due process of law is yet required in all sites. By and large, there are a lot of factors at play that could cause a truck accident. Should you find out yourself in a hint from a truck accident, do not waffle to reach out to an honoured lawyer to protect your interests to the full extent of the law. Only the choice of good lawyer can protect your rights in a decent way.