How Drivers Can Benefit From ID Scanners

Many businesses use ID scanners to identify customers. This traceable access control solution can scan and pull up all information stored in identification cards, such as the person’s date of birth, address, eye color, height, and even their Social Security number.

Driver’s license scanning devices and apps are widely used to verify a driver’s identity. But, how do ID scanners really benefit drivers?  Find out by reading below.

1. Protect Your Sensitive Information

Police officers, store and bar owners, and other people use ID scanners to accurately and quickly check people’s personal information. These devices won’t scan fake identification cards and will be able to identify scanner scammers who use other people’s IDs.

Driver’s license scanning is everywhere. But, you’ll never know if entities are just doing it to copy your sensitive information. So, it’s best to have your own high-quality and approved scanning device to show traffic officers and other authorities. Companies such as Adaptive Recognition offer high-quality ID scanners, promoting a fast verification process for various purposes.

By investing in an ID scanner, there’s no need to use someone else’s scanner. You can simply scan your driver’s license and show it to the police officer. It’s also one way to avoid close contact with other people in compliance with the existing health and safety protocols against COVID-19.

Here’s how a typical driver’s license scanner works to obtain ID information:

  • The scanner is turned on.
  • Your ID is swiped through the magnetic stripe or barcode reader.
  • The screen displays your information.
  • An alarm shows if the identification card is expired or underage.
  • The actual data can be compared on the card reader to confirm info.

2. Convenient Passing Through Border Checkpoints

Tactically located and permanent checkpoints exist throughout the United States. Legally, the border patrol can stop motorists to verify some information, such as residence status. If you‘re a US citizen, you don’t need to provide any documentation at a border patrol checkpoint. Lawful permanent residents (LPRs) need to carry their green cards or registration cards at all times, as mandated by federal law. On the other hand, a non-immigrant status must carry proper documentation.

ID scanners make it easier and faster to pass through border-controlled areas. These new innovations can be used to scan government passports, driver’s licenses, and pass cards with built-in computer chips, containing the holder’s name, identification card number, date of birth, passport, nationality, and a digitized photo.

The driver’s personal data can be quickly and easily scanned by a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) machine when approaching a border-crossing checkpoint. Drivers don’t need to retain the traditional man-to-man inspection.

By the time your vehicle stops at the customs booth, you’ll have your info and photos in the agent’s computer database. If the driver‘s name is on a database or watch list, then they’ll be summoned for questioning.

3. Ensure Nobody Can Use Your Driver’s License Info

While the Privacy Act is intended to safeguard the privacy of private individuals, you’ll never know if someone had already gained access to your information.

By implementing mandatory driver’s license scanning in areas you frequently drive along, you’ll have peace of mind, knowing that nobody can use your driver’s license info and create fake an identification card to also enter those areas.

4. Ascertain Your Capability And Credibility As A Driver

The three general types of driver’s license in the United States include the personal vehicle driver’s license, the chauffeur’s license, and the commercial driver’s license. Your driver’s license bears your capability and credibility as a professional driver. If you’ll be joining a car exhibition or any car driving event, organizers might require ID scanning to confirm your identity as a participant.

5. Legal Compliance

As a responsible professional driver, you should comply with ID scanning protocols enforced by the authorities. This way, you can show your full compliance with traffic rules for your personal safety. Using ID scanners also makes you think twice about allowing other people, especially unconscientious drivers, to drive your car, which can cause accidents.

6. Safe Driving Job And Business

For drivers of taxis, buses, and other means of public transportation, they can use passport scanners to verify passenger information as needed or if they’re in doubt. Also, car rental businesses that employ hundreds of drivers can use these devices to ensure they only hire qualified drivers.

FAQs About ID Scanners

  1. Do authorities or businesses need to notify a driver before they can scan their driver’s license?

Whenever someone tries to collect your personal information, reasonable steps must be taken to notify you of certain matters.

  1. What do you need to ask authorities or establishments before scanning your driver’s license?

Ask about the purpose of the procedure. Look for supporting documentation of a certain rule or guideline requiring this procedure. It’s also advisable to obtain the contact details and the identity of the person who’s trying to get your information. Also, you should be advised of the possible consequences if you refuse to undergo this procedure.

  1. Where can you buy high-quality identification card scanning devices?

There are many reputable companies offering high-quality scanning devices for passports, driver’s licenses, and other types of identification. Read reviews, and ask for permits and licenses from the seller to ensure you’re getting an approved scanning device for whatever purpose.

  1. Can advanced ID scanners scan the face?

With advanced biometric matching of new scanners to confirm customer identity, faces on IDs can be scanned as well. The advanced biometric facial feature compares the face on the ID or any document to the person’s actual scanned face, which helps prevent identity theft cases from stolen documents.


Drivers can benefit from ID scanners in so many ways. For one, investing in a high-quality, accepted scanning device can help you protect your sensitive information. Compliance measures that require ID scanning also benefit drivers who are always on-the-go, reducing time and hassle crossing borders and other controlled areas. If you’re planning to join car driving events, this scanning device can also help verify your identity and driving capability. Furthermore, those who drive for a living can also use this technology to avoid dealing with scrupulous passengers.