How a dash cam can help in the case of an accident

Cameras that are dash-mounted have been around for some time, however, it has just recently caught the eye of people. Now, you can find these cameras almost anywhere and it is because they can be useful in the case of a situation that is troublesome. However, there is still an ongoing debate over if the drivers actually need one or if they are just a trend.

As simple as it is and as most of us know, a single picture is worth a thousand words, hence a video of the dangerous situations that you can see on the roads every day is priceless. A dash camera is a device that is specifically designed to record everything that happens while you are driving down the road. As soon as you start your car, the camera will start recording a video that will be stored directly on an SD card. Some of these cameras even offer audio recordings, night mode, and GPS systems.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, from a vehicle that cuts you off or the vehicle that ran into you, the camera will record and save it. Also, they are not completely useless when it comes to insurance since some companies will accept the video as evidence when you are trying to prove that you are, in fact, innocent in an accident that occurred. It is better to have some or more evidence than to have none.


A dash-mounted camera cannot provide a full view of everything that is happening around you, but it can offer visual evidence that can support your road accident claim. Some of the proof that can be used is unlawful driving, such as passing on the red light, missed stop signs, reckless and aggressive driving, hit-and-runs, and distracted driving.

Why should you use a dash cam when driving?

According to, since dash cams are becoming increasingly popular, there are some reasons why it might be good to have one in your car:

  1. You will have evidence of a car accident – this is one of the reasons why millions of people choose to invest and install a dash cam in their vehicle since they will provide real-time footage and proof of the accident.
  2. It can help you prove a hit-and-run – if you are a victim of a hit-and-run, the video can actually prove that the accident occurred or, if you are lucky enough it can also take footage of the plates before the person that hit you drives off.
  3. It is a perfect solution for undisciplined drivers – the video the camera will provide is a great tool to report drivers that are reckless, as they will and are putting people’s lives in question. Most countries and states have specific programs for the people who want to report reckless drivers, hence with evidence of their recklessness, you can make the roads a little bit safer.
  4. A dash cam can come in handy for worried parents – if parents are worried about a specific ride, they will be able to monitor their children. As most dash cameras are equipped with GPS systems, users can receive info about the speed and selected driving routes.
  5. Insurance fraud prevention – when it comes to traffic and cars, insurance fraud is one of the biggest problems. Some drivers tend to cause accidents on purpose so that they can blame the other person driving. Hence, additionally, to getting money from their victim, they can also fake injuries to collect even more money. However, if you have a dash cam installed, you will be able to prevent these situations.



One of the main reasons for getting a dash-mounted camera is to have evidence of anything that might happen while you are driving. Even if you follow all the laws and rules, that does not mean that other people will do the same.