21 Hottest Police Cars Ever Produced

If you get pulled over by police, don’t try to run away because they probably have a better car than you do. They will chase you down and what you can do after that is pray that there is a God. Here are the hottest police cars ever made and they come in different shapes and forms.

21. Italian State Police Lamborghini Huracan


The Highway Patrol from Italy has received a second Huracan, which, just like the first, will be used for “normal police operations.” Moreover, they will use this car in case there is an urgent transport of blood and organs. This Huracan is no different than the standard model, and it uses a V10 engine that delivers 610 bhp. Other than that there are just some normal police goodies such as sirens, radios, a video camera, lights, etc.  Go “NEXT” to see UK Police Ford Mustang V8

20. UK Police Ford Mustang V8


This Ford Mustang has received the police treatment, but unfortunately, you will not see one on the streets of London or Manchester. It is a pre-production model, and it debuted at the National Association of Police Fleet Managers trade show. We would like to see this car hit the streets, and as a result, lower crime rates are expected with this bad boy patrolling.

19. Carabinieri Alfa Giulia QV


Italian Carabinieri forces are no joke, and they have some amazing cars to display their dominance. By looking at their vehicles and the fact that those are no ordinary Fiat 500s, we can conclude that Carabinieri has got class. It is the Alfa Giulia QV we are talking about, but some of the previous vehicles used by Italian police included Lamborghini Gallardo, Huracan, and Lotus Evora.

18. Dubai Police BMW i8


You don’t want to be naughty once you come to Dubai because their police cars are just terrific. “The Dubai Police Force has always sought, through the introduction of sports leagues within its vehicle fleet, to enhance the security presence for the police, and to keep up with the highest international standards of technical and scientific developments.” Besides the BMW i8, they also have a Lamborghini, a Bentley, an Aston Martin, a Ferrari, a McLaren and some other top models.

17. Dubai Police Ferrari FF


Another outstanding vehicle that is used by Dubai’s police is the V12-powered Ferrari FF. There is not much to add here but keep in mind that this is a four-seater, which means that if they cuff you, you’ll be riding at the back of this beast.

16. Dubai Police Lamborghini Aventador


Dubai Police is unrivaled when it comes to the cars, and one of their top vehicles in the fleet was the Lamborghini Aventador, which retired with the arrival of the Ferrari FF.

15. Carabinieri Lotus Evora S


We have already mentioned the Lotus Evora S, but its purpose is not to chase criminals. The Evora S is used for the transfer of human organs, which is why there are fridges in the car. The Carabinieri do look good in this beauty.

14. UK Police Caparo T1


This Caparo T1 is envisioned as a police car, and it looks outstanding. If it were to hit the streets, it would be used as a pursuit vehicle.

13. Italian police Lamborghini Gallardo


The Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 belonged to the Italian police, but it was eventually replaced by the new Huracan. This model produced 560 bhp, and it came with a four-wheel drive system which allowed the vehicle to reach 62 mph in 3.7 seconds and go up to 203 mph. Lamborghini donated this car to the State Police to help “accident and crime prevention and sustain security on Italian roads.”

12. US Police Chevrolet Corvette


Unfortunately, this Chevy Corvette has never become a US police car, but oh boy, it would be good to see one roam the streets.

11. Dubai Police Brabus G63 AMG


Even though the Brabus G63 AMG is boxy and it looks sluggish, the looks can deceive. The car produces 690 bhp, and it can go from a standstill to 62 mph in just 4.9 seconds. The official top speed of the G63 AMG is 149 mph, but you would be considered crazy if you tried to outrun it.

10. Humberside Police Lexus IS-F


If you can choose one vehicle to be used by the police force in your country what would it be? The Lexus IS-F good for 416 bhp would definitely be among the top three. Currently, this car can be found on the streets Britain where it is utilized as a deterrent, but don’t be fooled because it can chase criminals easily. The great thing about this vehicle is that the police officers who are driving it can quickly access the national police database thanks to the computer inside.

9. Dubai Police Aston Martin One-77


Is Dubai Police force trying to make other countries jealous? We have already mentioned multiple cars that are used by their police, but there is another one, which is very rare and very fast – the Aston Martin One-77. We dare you speeding in Dubai!

8. German Police Brabus CLS V12 S Rocket


Luckily for reckless German drivers, this model is not a real thing. It debuted back in 2006, but its only purpose was to promote safe tuning in Germany. However, there is nothing safe when it comes to this car since a twin-turbo V12 engine is under the hood and it produces 730 bhp. The name Rocket is legit as this vehicle is capable of developing speeds of up to 225 mph.

7. US Police Dodge Charger


This Charger comes instead of the Crown Vic, and the police forces in the States use it. According to Chrysler, this Charger, in particular, is the fastest police car in the history of police cars in America. We’ll believe them.

6. Australian Police HSV GTS


The Aussies also have handsome police vehicles, and this HSV GTS is used by the officers of the New South Wales police department. However, this one is more of a “message car” than the pursuit machine, it is worth mentioning. Even though its primary purpose is not to chase bad boys, real police officers are hiding behind the wheel, and they will not hesitate to put the pedal to the metal if necessary.

5. UK Police Lotus Evora S


The Lotus Evora S was not only driven by the Italian Carabinieri, but it can also be found on the streets of Norfolk, Sussex, Essex and some of the shires in Britain. It is also a “message-spreading car” that breaking the law is not the smartest choice.

4. US Police Undercover Nissan GT-R


According to EVI, that was run by a former secret service agent, they had a task to assemble a police car that would be used for undercover missions. They came up with the Nissan GT-R and judging by its looks, illegal street racers were most likely the target. We’ve got some real-life Fast and Furious going on here.

3. UK Police McLaren 12C


Luckily, the McLaren 12C is only dressed up as a police car, and this one cannot be found on the streets. The 12C Spider was provided by McLaren to be a demonstrator for the Autosport International Show at Birmingham’s NEC. Underneath its hood, there is a twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8 that is good for 616 bhp, while the car can accelerate to 62 mph in just 3.1 seconds.

2. Australian Police Volvo S60 Polestar


The NSW Police’s Rose Bay local area command uses a Volvo S60 Polestar. Even though Volvo doesn’t sound as terrifying as Lamborghini or Ferrari, don’t be fooled because there is a turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 engine powering this model that generates 350 bhp. This Volvo may not be the briskest police car on the list as its top speed is limited to 124 mph, but its purpose is to be a support car and to show up at events such as Australian Open.

1. US Police Dodge Charger


We have already said that the Charger can be found among the American policemen, but this one is different. It is equipped with “Pentastar” V6 unit good for 292 bhp and 260 lb-ft of torque, but also, there is a 5.7-liter HEMI V8 rated at 370 bhp and 390 lb-ft of torque. Some of the features of the Charger are performance suspension, load-leveling shocks, stabilizer bars, 18-inch performance tires, whereas inside, the car is filled with police goodies.

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