A Guide to Holden Colorado Accessories to Improve Your Ride

If you missed out on the accessory packs Holden offered to boost sales of its bestselling vehicle, the Colorado ute, fear not. There are thousands of aftermarket accessories and parts that are just as well made (if not better). They improve vehicle protection, performance, space and usability, and still come at a fraction of the price.

Two Colorado variants are found on Aussie streets. The early variants produced from 2008 to 2012 came with either 6-cylinder 3.6 petrol or 4-cylinder 3-litre diesel engines were the same as that found in the Isuzu D-Max sibling. The replacement ute is the majority of cars still in use and carries a 2.8-litre diesel driving the rear or all wheels. This went on sale till 2020, and those on the lookout for a ute, either as a first car, or something that makes a good vehicle off-road, won’t go wrong here. The engine has ample horsepower and torque (147kW and 500Nm) making this also a decent work vehicle or something that will pull a larger trailer or caravan.

Whichever variant you have, parts and accessories can add a little more in the way of practicality, improve off-roading performance, up overall vehicle safety and protection, help when towing, and just make an already balanced ute that much better to drive. In addition, general replacement and maintenance parts aren’t hard to find, so your rig will be running as good as new.

Sourced from local manufacturers and thoroughly tested to comply with Australian standards and road conditions, the majority of aftermarket Holden Colorado accessories and parts from https://www.ocamindustries.com.au/holden/colorado/.

Practicality and Space

Dual cab Colorados make the bulk of sales, and the tubs in these were mostly on par with what was offered in rivals. If that space isn’t enough, then a roof rack can help carry bulkier items and increase overall storage. There’s also better weight distribution, and hence more safety.

Racks come in different configurations – platforms, cages, and tradesmen being the most common, and in various lengths to suit all cab variants. Go for platforms for extra-long items, like ladders, building materials, or sporting gear. Cages (or boxes) help neatly and safely store smaller items and gear. Cages have additional rails, while tradesmen racks ditch the front and rear rails to fit work gear or building materials. In addition, the rails can serve as a foundation to hook up an awning when out camping.

When it comes to materials, you need to decide between aluminium and steel. In general, aluminium racks are the best balance between weight and strength and also work better than steel racks in the wet.

Other Colorado ute accessories that help are tub and ladder racks. These are bolted on towards the back of the tub for items with more heft and length. Tonneau covers conceal the contents of the tub and can be manually or electrically operated in addition to being lockable.

To increase the longevity of the tub or tray floor, get inexpensive rubber liners. These also dampen out vibrations from equipment and cargo jolting about. And if organising your gear is important, tub drawers in the right dimensions offer a snug and professional fit and boast a few security features of their own.

Vehicle Protection

Protecting your Colorado, whether at work or venturing out off-road, is just common sense. Most cars will have a compatible front bull bar, usually a full-on triple hoop to protect the radiator and engine. Go for a steel bar with a winch cradle to get the best front protection and off-road versatility.

To this, you can add side brush bars, and attach a front skid plate to protect the steering and suspension components. Look for bars that have been ADR approved (airbag activation is one area of contention with imports), are made of high-grade steel with weather-resistant coatings, and comes with all the necessary kit for installation.

You can completely envelop the car with metal by adding side steps to avoid dents and rear bars which are a nice addition and also up usable space for things like spare tyres. Reinforced plastics help protect the rest of your car.

Inexpensive but practical extras include window or weather shields if you want to have fresh air no matter the weather, bonnet protectors to avoid minor scuffs or debris and rocks when off-roading, and headlight protectors so you won’t be dealing with unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses and safety risks if in any way you damage the lights.

Off-roading Parts and Upgrades

Going off-road in stock suspension is a definite no-no. The 210mm of ground clearance might be good for easier dirt trails, but will get you stuck elsewhere.

The Colorado can be lifted by up to 150mm so you can comfortably roll over bigger rocks and uneven terrain without fretting that you’ll damage the undercarriage. All you need is a compatible suspension lift kit. These use longer and stiffer coils up front and an extra leaf or two at the back axle.

A similar, if somewhat more expensive, setup is air suspension. This consists of air bellows that can be fitted at both axles and stiffen and soften the ride, as well as allowing drivers to set the ride height according to the terrain. More sophisticated systems work with height sensors to automatically adjust the suspension as you drive. The benefits of both types of suspension mods are the raised driving height, allowing for bigger and grippier off-roading tyres. To complete the look, add wider sitting wheel flares.

Besides this, you’ll want a snorkel for filtering out debris and getting more cool air into the air intake. This will also prevent water from getting into the engine when crossing creeks and flooded waterbeds. Bonnet scoops have a similar task, using accompanying air to keep the engine cool.

Water can be hazardous for the rear diff. So, a diff breather kit is an off-roading accessory that you’ll definitely need as it seals the diff, and redirects hot air through extended hoses. This is a cheap piece of gear that’s also easy to install and can save you from expensive repairs if water mixes with the oil in the differential.

And lastly, let’s not forget rated recovery tow points. These are bolted onto the chassis rails, front and back, and help get your Colorado up and running if you get stuck.

Towing Gear

The Colorado is rated to tow a 3500-kilo braked trailer, boat, or caravan. If your ute isn’t already fitted with one, you’ll need a rated tow bar and wiring harness that doesn’t mess with rear parking sensors.

Convenient Holden Colorado accessories also include electric brakes for better safety and drivability with a heavy trailer at the back. Bigger towing mirrors also help when backing up or negotiating tight bends.

Keep It Clean

You can keep the ute clean and looking spanking new on the inside with a few inexpensive inclusions. Seat covers come in different fabrics but look for something that is hardwearing, water and stain-proof, and comfortable at the same time. Neoprene covers fit the bill nicely but you can also go for cheaper nylon or polyester covers, or canvas if you use the ute for work.

Matching floormats are easy to clean and have a non-slip surface. Mudguards keep away mud and water from ruining the paint, and the interior stays clean.

What Else Is There?

Assorted goodies like sliding tub trays, tailgate assist kits, portable air compressors, and battery monitors come in handy in a range of driving conditions. Most 4×4 accessories suppliers also stock general maintenance parts. Oil, air and fuel filters are available for both petrol and diesel Colorados, as are brake pads, uprated clutch kits, alternators, and most generic engine parts.

Look for quality parts and accessories from reputable brands and those that fit your budget.