History of Ford Atlas

History of Ford Atlas

Ford Atlas Concept is a bold look at potential design, technology and capability features that could one day appear in Ford trucks.

When the Atlas truck was showcased by Ford a while ago there have been many rumors surrounding it, many of which proved to be true. Let’s take a closer look at the history of Ford Atlas in order to learn more about it and see why Ford made it in the first place.

Source: Youtube

Source: Youtube

What is the Ford Atlas?

“The Ford Atlas is a concept pickup truck that was unveiled on January 15, 2013 as a preview of the thirteenth generation Ford F-Series, with the most notable change being a switch to primarily aluminum construction.”

History of Ford Atlas

The truck was first released back at the start of 2013 but Ford was in fact working on the new generation of the F-150 truck long before that. They even bolted an all aluminum body, identical in look to the older model, to the new chassis of the Atlas and they worked these trucks tremendously in order to see if the aluminum would hold up.

The Atlas is more of a finished product than a test mule and this is clear if we take a closer look at it. The truck not only looks very similar to the all new F-150 but it also features quite a bit of technology involved with it.

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History of Ford Atlas

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Some of this technology is still not available on the production truck but this will likely change in the future. We already know the pricing on the current F-150 and despite all the rumors, it is quite similar to the older model. The rumored Atlas, on the other hand, might cost well in excess of $50,000.

This is because the Atlas truck might become the first hybrid truck to hit the US market. If we take a look at the history of Ford Atlas then we can see that the concept was mainly focused on fuel efficiency. This leads us to believe that a production model aimed at those fuel efficiency-minded people might be offered. There is still very little information about it but Ford did say that a hybrid truck is not as far as it seemed a while ago.

History of Ford Atlas

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So, first things first. What is Ford going to do in order to create the fuel-efficient truck everyone wants? Well, the obvious answer would be that they would go for a hybrid powertrain. Unfortunately, though, Ford doesn’t really have a suitable engine to use in the successor of the Atlas concept.

Their EcoBoost engines are quite efficient but none of them can really match the fuel efficiency of their competitors. Instead, we would expect a mild hybrid with a diesel engine. This would make a lot more sense as it would allow Ford to reach the fuel efficiency numbers of their competitors and even outrun them.

Source: trucktrend.com

Source: trucktrend.com

In fact, not that long ago rumors about a new diesel engine to be used by Ford started to surface. This would be a Jaguar unit modified to use in their trucks. So far very little has been said but it seems that this 3 liter twin-turbocharged V6 would be able to push out more than 250 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque. This doesn’t seem like much but with the help of a small electric motor integrated into the transmission and a battery pack, the Atlas would become quite interesting.

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History of Ford Atlas

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The history of Ford Atlas also shows us that the truck might also receive the active aerodynamics of the concept. This would make use of active grille shutters, an active air dam up-front and even a reactive tailgate which would change shape with speed.

All of these should allow Ford to reach up to 40 MPG on the highway which would make this truck simply the most efficient of its kind in the World. Most other things on it such as the interior or even the running gear are not going to be as impressive. In fact, considering that the Atlas is expected to be just another version of the F-150, it should be quite similar to the regular truck.

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Ford Atlas Videos


2015 Ford Atlas on the Road!

Ford Unveils the Ford Atlas Pickup Truck

Ford 2014 Ford Atlas Concept Commercial – Detroit Auto Show 2013 NAIAS

Ford Atlas Concept at the Detroit Auto Show

Ford CEO Alan Mulally talks about what’s changing with the upcoming New Ford F-150 Pickup

2015 Ford F-150 Atlas Prototype – Exterior Walkaround – 2013 Detroit Auto Show


Walkaround of the Ford Atlas Concept truck at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show

Anything new about release date?  Maybe 2016. or 2017. We don’t know, we are in middle of 2016. and there is some rumors that we will see it next year. so… 2017. is historic year for Ford truck lovers 🙂

How much is the Ford Atlas?

“Depending on the truck edition, the price is expected to differ ranging from USD $27,000 to USD $53,000. The 2016 Ford Atlas Concept release date is not yet clear but sources say that it may hit the market sometime next year.”

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  • Nina

    The Ford Atlas Concept is a strong take a look at prospective design, innovation and ability functions that might one day appear in Ford trucks.

    Making use of 65 years of F-Series heritage and 36 successive years of sales management, Ford is as soon as again remaining well ahead of the video game by paying attention to its consumers and utilizing their insights as motivation. Truck owners require a difficult, effective partner that’s all set for anything. The Ford Atlas Concept is the supreme option for them to obtain the task done and play as tough as they do.

    Even initially look, the Ford Atlas Concept sheet metal ripples with muscle toned with contemporary improvement.

    When it comes to brains, it features Trailer Backup Assist, a ground-breaking development that lets the chauffeur back a trailer with the twist of a knob. Together with Dynamic Hitch Assist, it assists a motorist with restricted towing experience deal with trailering like a skilled pro. And assists an experienced pro deal with trailering like never ever previously.

    The 360-degree electronic camera lets the chauffeur see all around the truck on the center stack screen with the Ford Atlas Concept in the center and the world surrounding it. This Ford truck initially offers you a bird’s eye view to assist place the car in tight locations. Perfect for a hectic task website or the supermarket car park.

    ” Ford Atlas Concept is the current in our series of signature Ford Truck ideas, that includes Mighty Tonka and Super Chief,” stated J. Mays, Ford group vice president and chief innovative officer. “Where Tonka showed uncompromising strength and Super Chief difficult truck high-end, Ford Atlas Concept shows how Ford Trucks assist our clients bring their world. Expertly and personally.”

    Functions that accommodate both work and off-the-clock energy consist of sideview mirror-mounted LED spotlights efficient in lighting up a worksite when an owner is working early or late and the SYNC ® with MyFord Touch ® screen is workglove friendly and can turn the taxi into a Wi-Fi ® hotspot. It’s an open platform that can deal with a broad variety of efficiency applications.

    The freight box includes its own LED lighting, tie downs and concealed freight ramps stowed under the bed to make filling simple. The tailgate action ends up being a cradle for the incorporated roofing system provider.

    LED taillamps and headlamps provide boosted roadway lighting over standard halogen or HID lights and last longer.

    The Ford Atlas Concept was developed with innovations to assist take full advantage of performance. Active grille and wheel shutters together with power-deployable front spoiler and running boards really re-shape the Atlas, enhancing its aerodynamics and assist it cut through the wind.

    It’s powered by a twin-turbocharged EcoBoost ® engine mated to a sophisticated automated transmission.

    ” More than a homage to Ford’s historical truck tradition, Ford Atlas Concept was influenced by the work principles and way of life these days’s Ford Truck chauffeurs and owners,” stated Ford Atlas Concept design director Gordon Piotti. “Atlas forges ahead to stimulate sob story, as its Ford DNA stays immediately identifiable.”

    That indicates the renowned block front grille and leading edge fall on the side windows together with effective and muscular body sculpture provides owners something they can feel happy to park in their driveway.

    Forecasting the future isn’t really constantly 100% precise. If the brand-new Ford Atlas Concept is any sign, the roadway ahead is a world ahead of anything truck owners have actually ever understood.

  • Better Tacoma

    It was the best-kept, worst-kept trick of this year’s Detroit automobile program: Ford utilized its interview at the Joe Louis Arena to reveal a principle variation of the next-generation F-150 pickup. Called the Atlas idea, the fancy truck offers a number of crucial hints regarding the future of heaven Oval’s very popular design.

    Resolving reports, Ford group vice president for advancement Raj Nair validates that the Atlas principle isn’t really made from aluminum or magnesium– just the hood, like on existing F-150s, is aluminum, and the idea weighs about as much as a typical F-Series. Nair states “the next-generation F-150 will have a substantial weight drop” that might reach as much as 700 pounds. That sort of diet plan will probably need changing from steel to lighter metals.

    Under the hood is the next generation of Ford’s EcoBoost turbocharged engine, which gets a stop-start function. While there’s no word on size or displacement, Nair hints that Ford might even more downsize its powertrains since lighter trucks not require a huge V-8s. Ford most likely will not go to a four-cylinder in the F-150, however the existing 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 may diminish to, state, 3.0 liters.

    ” The days of the global combustion engine still have a great deal of life left in them,” Nair states. “Our company believe that fuel economy will be significantly essential, and we realize the targets will be significantly greater.”

    A diesel, on the other hand, is presently off the table. Ford does not see a strong market in the light-duty truck sector, particularly as there are very little fuel-cost cost savings due to the greater cost of diesel fuel and emissions elements.

    LED head- and taillights, a massive chrome front grille, a variety of squared-off creases and body panels, and a rather broader position make the Atlas appearance even more butch and aggressive than the present truck. Huge metal toggle switches and a sparkly metal-and-glass instrument cluster are, unfortunately, most likely just for the idea.

    Aerodynamics will play just as much a function in decreasing usage as weight-loss, and Ford has actually executed a number of “active” elements to tidy up the Atlas’s drag coefficient. An electrical chin spoiler rises to clear challenges however reduces at speed to lower frontal drag; unique shutters in between the alloy wheel spokes move shut to additional smooth air flow at highway speeds; and automated grille shutters, currently provided on the majority of brand-new Fords, keep the grille from producing drag when the engine does not require additional cooling. All informed, these aero techniques are stated to include 2 mpg on the highway.

    Practical, Too

    The market leader in truck sales does not desire to alienate its most devoted consumers, so there’s plenty more performance in the Atlas idea. Slide-out filling ramps are incorporated into the Atlas principle’s bed, and Ford states there will even be a function that assists guide immediately to connect a trailer.

    Coming Soon

    It’s obvious that the next-generation Ford F-150 will debut in the next year or more looking extremely just like this Atlas idea. The car manufacturer thinks its next F-150 will not just continue the nameplate’s 36-year record as America’s most popular truck, however likewise will move the section forward in regards to style, innovation, and performance. Most crucial, the F-150 ought to be a more current and engaging option than the slightly warmed-over 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra that debuted in December.
    ” This is just a glance of the future,” assures Ford’s Hinrichs. “We stay definitely dedicated to raising the bar in the pickup sector.”

    They include remarkable fuel economy … and the engines last permanently. Look at the powerstroke … the Cummins … heck, look at my Jetta TDi for goodness sake. I’m going to get a truck for my next trip however the F150 is simply too huge.